CHEMTRAIL FAIL – D’oh!!! Mixture Too Heavy…

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19 thoughts on “CHEMTRAIL FAIL – D’oh!!! Mixture Too Heavy…

  1. Davy Matheny

    the US sprayed their own warships back in the 60’s.they sprayed it in their
    path as they drove into it and see.just saying this might not a

  2. PalomaGenios

    This is a Roll cloud….off east coast of Australia ….there is a high
    altitude shot of this or similar on web currently.

  3. z1zaz

    Oh Michelle – a BIG *Thank You* to you. There is absolutely NO fundamental
    scientific basis, nor even an alternative scientific basis for orgonite. It
    is a belief system inculcated by confounding the reader; founded upon
    irrational ideologies. Only those who are not well read in older science
    publications like Gustav LeBon and Tesla could be persuaded to believe that
    organite has any kind of life enhancing or life preserving properties.
    *Orgonite is a waste of money, effort, time and materials*!

  4. revmichellehopkins

    Orgonite is New Age philosophical rubbish!!! A scam!!! Don’t fall for it!
    Please don’t waste your money on it. /o: “Orgone energy is a hypothetical
    universal life force originally proposed in the 1930s by Wilhelm Reich.
    There is no empirical support for the concept of orgone in medicine or the
    physical sciences… Contrary to common misconception, Reich always rejected
    the idea that the accumulator could provide orgastic potency.” -Wikipedia h
    t t p : / / e n . Wikipedia . org/wiki/Orgone

  5. revmichellehopkins

    That’s possible. But I would think you would do that big of one in a more
    populated area. If you’re going to all the time and trouble to create one.
    It’s more likely that it’s a chemtrail out over the ocean to manipulate
    moister and wind to force weather inland.

  6. revmichellehopkins

    It’s too low to be a weather vortex. It is NOT ROTATING. It’s much too
    thick to be a cloud. There is no surrounding weather pattern that denotes a
    dual front, (One on either side of the structure) capable of creating a
    free rolling vortex. (That gives no visible clues that it is in fact
    rolling.) The structure is stationary. It’s a failed chemtrail.


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