Chemtrail Fibers Raining Down on Phoenix, Dec 28, 2010

After many days of chemtrailing in Phoenix, we have some blue sky today. With the sun shining, chemtrail FIBERS can be seen coming down from the skies. We have some chemtrails today, some contrails too, but lots of fibers coming down in all sizes. These fibers are hard to see without the sunlight “catching” them so they can be seen by the naked eyes and seen better with binoculars or zooming with a camera. I shot the video pointing the camera towards the sun, with the sun obscured by the roof line…so the fibers get lit up by the sunshine so you can see them. Chemtrail Fibers carry disease, according to and other experts on chemtrails. The fibers go un-noticed by the public since they are incredibly hard to see unless you know they are there. Please try to see them and tell everyone about the fibers….we are being used my friends, and what is going on cannot be for our good. The media is ignoring this, the weather people won’t talk about it, it is up to US!

2 thoughts on “Chemtrail Fibers Raining Down on Phoenix, Dec 28, 2010

  1. GodGunsGutsGlory777

    What goes up, must come down!

    The crazy IPCC scientists ADMIT to wanting to spray aluminum and barium into the atmosphere to supposedly combat global warming.

    They wont admit however that they’ve already been doing this more and more for over 10 years now, and that the chemicals return to Earth as a REAL pollutant!

    Not too mention the negative effect on humans and crops from blocking the sun more so than mother nature does.
    It’s sick. Voodoo scientists are running the show!

  2. GodGunsGutsGlory777

    Wow. I’ve heard of people doing the filming method you are using. It’s working great!

    Guess what. I just got back from a doctor visit.
    I’ve had a persistent cough and some phlegm for over a month.
    Bronchitis, just as I though. :-(


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