Chemtrail Flights Busted Part 1

Chemtrail flights over the Las Vegas area for 3-30-2011 are identified. These flights are regular commercial flights carrying passengers and chemtrailing as they enter the Las Vegas air space.

14 thoughts on “Chemtrail Flights Busted Part 1

  1. GayleTube

    @LoveFlatfootin1 ~ It is my understanding that those at the top of the environmental groups have a very different agenda (read: NWO) than those at the lower levels (genuine concern for our environment). We just need to tell everyone we can what is going on. Soon (hopefully) we will reach a critical mass and their gig will be up.

  2. GayleTube

    LVSW, thank you very much for your research and for teaching us how to do this ourselves. We live in SoCali and I see chemtrails most days. This week we are in southern Utah (vacation) and I’ve seen chemtrails every clear day. Those clear days don’t stay clear very long. It’s amazing how several chemtrails can make the whole sky whitish with “clouds.” Thanks, again.

  3. LasVegasSkyWatch

    @StrangeMountainSkies :
    Sorry to hear that! We are having our ninth straight day of no chemtrailing over Las Vegas. How about grabbing a camera or binoculars and Flight Explorer and busting these planes. Send me an email with your email and I will take you through the process of identifying the planes.

  4. StrangeMountainSkies

    Thanks for all your effort man, northern cali is getting bombarded today:(

  5. GunClingingPalin

    This guy is really on top of this shit… Good job brother.. now i know what to do to check the flights passing over my area…thankx.

  6. LasVegasSkyWatch

    @StrangeMountainSkies :
    All of the chemtrailing I’m seeing over Las Vegas is being done by commercial jets. I haven’t seen any military or Evergreen, etc jets doing any chemtrailing. All of the jets I see fly out of the Las Vegas area headed northeast and I believe they chemtrail all the way to their destinations. My theory of the chemtrail delivery system says the chemtrail juice isn’t in the fuel.

  7. Astrafire1

    With damning evidence like this, why are there not more people taking a stand? Are we that far removed from our basic moral values that we are unable to react, or have we become nothing but a planet of dumbed down useless eaters?

  8. StrangeMountainSkies

    So do you think that all chemtrailing is being done by commercial aircrafts, or have you noticed private(evergreen etc) jets doing it too?
    Also, do you believe it’s fuel additives making the trails? Or is it a separate system retrofitted on the planes?
    Good videos man, thanks for doing this.

  9. Astrafire1

    Chemtrails are a crime against humanity and those responsible need to be tried for attempted murder and/or terrorism. Thank you very much for your efforts, this is the perfect evidence needed by Mr. Alfred Lambremont Webre in his case against chemtrails and HAARP. exopolitics-com

  10. LasVegasSkyWatch

    @wearechangela :
    I’m assuming that you’re referring to SKW473L, 390C, CRJ7, LAX-SLC. After shooting hundreds of flights it gets pretty easy to identify planes from the ground. When Flight Explorer shows a particular plane, a CRJ7 in this case, at a particular place over land and there’s no other CRJ7 around and it’s painted in United colors it’s just a done deal that it’s a United Connection Sky West flight.

  11. wearechangela

    How did you find out the flight number and airline for that particular plane? Thanks. How did you know that plane was the particular flight you found online? Seems that 39000 ft his much higher than the plane you were video taping.

  12. mythoughtsalone

    @LoveFlatfootin1 Excellent reply, mythoughtsas well. Same here in the UK, murky sky almost every day. Mind you, just had the best week of sunshine for about 3 years (Maybe they have been told to keep it clear for the Big wedding this week . would not want the Royals to have a murky day)
    Great research Las vegassky watch, thank you…………..

  13. moonbeaches

    See Their PLAN!!! They Have the info online!!! LOOK IT UP Online!!! U.S.D.O.E. U.S. Department of? Energy ? … Project 2.3: Facet-Specific Chemistry of Nanoscale Crystalline Alumina Using an Enhanced Scattering IR SNOM Instrumentb (PDF) Project 1.2: Integrated Nano-scale Imaging for Investigating Applications and Implications of Nanomaterials PNNL: Fundamental & Computational Sciences – Chemical Imaging Initiative – Current Projects

  14. LoveFlatfootin1

    Thank you for all that great research to identify just who is mucking up the skies. Looks like everyone in Las Vegas needs to make sure they’re taking their Vitamin D. The chemtrail planes have managed to geoengineer a murky, cloudy mess in what used to be a beautiful, clear blue sky. Such stupidity is disgusting. Imagine – blocking the sun with chemtrails when you should be using it for free energy. The negligence of environmental groups who ignore this issue is beyond comprehension.


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