Chemtrail Flights Busted Part 2

Chemtrail flights over the Las Vegas area for 3-30-2011 are identified. These flights are regular commercial flights carrying passengers and chemtrailing as …

14 thoughts on “Chemtrail Flights Busted Part 2

  1. adjuk

    I have a similar video from the UK – I was using the AirNav radar box to
    get the flight data. I wrote to the airline (easyjet) asking why their 2
    aircraft were leaving different trails (both identical aircraft and at very
    similar height). You can see a video on my channel. The airline refused to
    answer my query.

  2. mondocrat

    @LawnChairMedia , the “skywatch” community has grown fast in the USA. It
    seems all the USA was sprayed in sections, w/ heavy 24-7 spraying ending up
    in droughts. L.A. area gets 15 in.’s rain a yr on avg. But in Oct ’05-May
    ’06, the skies were covered w/ spray planes. In 10 yrs living here, I never
    saw jets b4, much less every 15-20min. That yr(2006) we had just 3 in.
    rain. The next yr was when So Cal had the major fires. 44 fires & no 1 was
    ever caught. Now the same’s happening in Mex &Texas.

  3. mondocrat

    @masonfreeparty , if you watch the lecture I posted in the video replies on
    Dr. Vreeman at the Chemtrail 2010 Symposium in Belgium, he discusses
    exactly this method of filling the fuels of commercial jets w/ this
    aluminum/ barium/manganese spray mixture. At ArizonaSkyWatchDOTcom, u can
    see the copies of lab air tests for 2008,09,10.. Tests show a 5000x above
    human exposure limits to these toxic elements. Its a depop & drought
    campaign. Please see & DL the lab tests at ArizonaSkyWatch.

  4. WeAreChange Los Angeles

    Great stuff. Everybody should start using FLIGHT AWARE, and FLIGHT EXPLORER
    to identify chemtrail planes in the sky.

  5. LasVegasSkyWatch

    @mondocrat : The NYSW videos aren’t good enough to make out windows. I’ve
    shot hundreds of planes with much greater resolution than NYSW and I can’t
    tell if the planes have windows or not. But all of the planes I’ve shot
    have been commercial jets so I’m assuming they all have windows but I can’t
    really say yes or no on that issue. Spacecowboy1954’s videos are even worse
    than NYSW so I can’t comment on his contentions. I just don’t see the
    evidence there.

  6. mondocrat

    Thanks for posting this. Have you noticed some of the odd planes that look
    like commercial jets with various paint schemes, but then when you zoom on
    a tripod, u notice the plane has no windows? I’ve caught a few on film, but
    the guys at NewYorkSkyWatch have both caught these spray jets w/ no windows
    very clearly on good vid equip. Definitely check out their vids. NYSKywatch
    are budgetmoon & AirshipAl on YT. Also see spacecowboy1954 in Canada. Best
    of their shots were from late ’07 to May ’09

  7. masonfreeparty

    so if these are commercial planes then someone who works at the airport
    must know whats being put into these planes..i presume its going directly
    into the fuel system and not some external spraying device?So what we need
    to do is get a sample of the fuel and analyse it

  8. LasVegasSkyWatch

    masonfreeparty: Chemtrailing is a CIA black op and very few people are in
    the loop. Airport workers, primarily the ground crew, are not in the loop
    and don’t really know what is going on. They just do their jobs and don’t
    ask questions. The chemtrail juice isn’t in the jet fuel. See my posting on
    Florida Gulf Skywatch entitled “Some thoughts on chemtrail delivery system”
    posted on 2-12-2011.

  9. masonfreeparty

    i wonder if all this stuff they are spraying had anything to do with the
    recent tornado wouldnt surprise me seeing they also turned the
    twin towers to dust using directed energy type weapon

  10. Lisa Stienster

    How many pilots AREN’T ex-military? Mind control programs are COMMONLY used
    in military training. Look up MKULTRA, and Project Monarch, and Project
    Montauk, and Project Mannequin. There are more I’m sure that I haven’t
    heard about. THAT’s how this chemtrail program goes on without us commoners
    hearing from airline workers about the added chem-tanks.

  11. LasVegasSkyWatch

    @mondocrat : I don’t think the chemtrail substance is in the fuel.
    Otherwise planes would chemtrail from takeoff to landing. Be very careful
    when talking about AWS “research”. The collection methods they use are
    unscientific, the maximum contaminent level is made up with no basis in
    science and the conclusions are highly suspect if not completely false.
    What we need is peer reviewed research and this is anything but..

  12. mondocrat

    @wearechangela , Tankerenemy is 2 Italian brothers in San Remo, Italy.
    They’ve done some major studies over the past 3 yrs on chemtrails,
    identifying planes, and the radars. He found many were not commercial
    planes. YOu should check out his stuff. Much he posts in English, but not
    all. Italian translation is easy online though. In any case,. he also has
    an English blog as well as the YouTube acct. It’s’
    TankerEnemyDOTblogspotDOTcom. Check out his radar work, you’ll find it


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