Chemtrail Footage Analysis.

Aerosol Spraying filmed in Bushey Hertfordshire UK 18.06.12 Justice and Freedom Production 2012 LOOK UP WAKE UP SAY NO TO THIS!

25 thoughts on “Chemtrail Footage Analysis.

  1. SuperDeltaBravo1

    I? am with you all the way. I offer you all I have at your disposal as I am sick of watching everyone & everything I ever loved made sick and die!

  2. badriyah43

    I am afraid most people are already brainwashed that’s the? battle we all face. It’s so great that we can all communicate in this way but for how long. Always lovely to see you sis. Just buzz me when your fee. Love ya little sis. :)

  3. earthvisitor3

    you are right we need to stay positive to overcome all this crap they are showering on us…love? you to sis XX

  4. jamnoise72

    My mind will not allow me to become ill, I will not give in to this!!! NO WAY. Positive though will heal all ills. Love? you sis <3

  5. jamnoise72

    Shame people only look forward and down when they walk, if people LOOKED UP they WOULD see! See you next week hun. Will let? you know when I’m free. Love ya sis <3

  6. slobomotion

    Yes, NuggetsOfTruth did that briefly, but took his channel dark.? I appreciated his calm analysis.

  7. mayanmanifestor

    Aluminum in the chemtrails and now seeds are manufactured to grow in aluminum, hmm. I? wonder who would do a thing like that?

  8. earthvisitor3

    watched these and also on Tuesday…we have now been selected sis so its all downhill from now on …i keep coughing and many others are as well…the bastards wont stop this spraying and its a? long term illness threat to everyone..

  9. nodreb123

    You should start using a? flight tracking app to ID those aircraft. It’s really easy to do. Check out my site.

  10. Syd Hardy

    Maybe us that are awake in the UK should look at the Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001. Part? 13. Miscellaneous. Dangerous substances 113. Use of noxious substances or things to cause harm and intimidate. 1c. A person who takes any action which- ” is designed to influence the government or an international governmental organisation OR TO INTIMIDATE THE PUBLIC OR A SECTION OF THE PUBLIC”.
    My Kindest Regards.

  11. tectalabyss

    Hi I’ve Been Watching? Your Videos, Great Job Getting the Truth out There !. Keep them Coming. Peace….Tec

  12. vyperius

    yarr keep rolling em out. been too cloudy here lately to see? any chemtrails but its cleared today so I’ll be looking. Also, I busted 3 clouds last week in about 5 mins, one of them was quite large and it disappeared completely. I need to try this more.

  13. THEevildweeb

    Hi JN, good stuff. Have you looked into the possibility that rather than outfitting all these planes? with spraying gear, that they are simply adding some content to the existing fuel which produces this result. It would be simply easier to do than one would think. Cheers!


    they changed it a couple times and even renamed the first one to deal with…the 2420 leaves it wide open but if people will see the first one then it is something heavy…now its just a matter of people really caring…dont forget to thank eli jones…he posted a bulletin yesterday…i found out this morning that there are quit? a few links to the first bill but have been kept pretty well in the dark…not anymore after we are done with this :) love to you and stay safe.


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