7 thoughts on “Chemtrail footage from plane

  1. Th3DigitalWand3r3r

    @misterbonzai08 Everything I’ve been able to read up on is that it is
    mostly surrounded in the G20 countries for one. The other that keeps coming
    up is “Geo-engineering”. This video is very helpful and opens up more doors
    on this subject. I hope this helps. /watch?v=jf0khstYDLA

  2. Th3DigitalWand3r3r

    @misterbonzai08 It’s in plain sight, yet people assume its just another
    plane. But in my personal opinion people are so distracted by their little
    gizmo’s they see it as an inconvenience to look up. That feeling of
    “disconnect” from whatever it is keeping them distracted from reality; the
    list can go on and on.

  3. misterbonzai08

    @Th3DigitalWand3r3r What is the general consensus on their purpose? Cloud
    seeding? Pest control? Immunisation? Eugenics? Radar testing? Some planes
    have to dump fuel to fall within the design range of the wing rivets, if
    the wings are heavier with fuel than the body the plane snaps.


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