Chemtrail Full Body Attack 18.03.2010

first sunny day for weeks was sprayed with visible toxic particles falling down within 1 hour. Spraying campaign started at around 10’o clock in the morning. I recorded a plane that took off at Vienna Airport and which flew 3000 feet above ground and it was engulfed by the spraying bubble which was falling down on ground. The day started sunny with no humidity or fog at all but was created and created damage to each and every citizen in Vienna, forced to enhale it deep down into the lungs and being absorbed by the skin. I had to detoxify after this heavy spraying campaign which was – according to the latest words of Bill Gates – obviously an effort to reduce CO2 levels down to Zero by reducing the world population by intoxifying its citizens and making them sick. Bill Gates advocates global depopulation plan using vaccines and sterilization plans in front of elitist audience to save ecosystem from collapsing. “Smoke and Mirrors: Is Geoengineering a Solution to Global Warming?” Alan Robock Department of Environmental Sciences Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey will tell you that Geoengineering started in 2008, that oceans get “acified” and has negative side effects for people, reduces the sunlight activity, that cloud seeding is good for gmo crops, disatvantage of white sky makes it less harmful due to “nice sunsets”, that a massive warming sets in once geoengineering is stopped since 2008, that ozone layer gets even more

25 thoughts on “Chemtrail Full Body Attack 18.03.2010

  1. MasiFantasie

    i thought about wearing a mask like doctors do, in public. at least people would look like “wtf?” ^^

    btw. its the same in germany. ill upload some vids too in the near future.

  2. blite13

    @vpascale shower often, clean out your nostrils thoroughly, eat good food, little as possible of junk food. Try and stay inside during and after heavy spraying.

  3. blite13

    @ChrisArcen The moisture is in the air before the plane flys through it. The reason for no clouds is there is little or no particles for the moisture to cling to and form clouds. What these planes are doing is introducing particles of matter that the moisture can cling to for cloud formation. It’s not that the air is dry and planes are introducing moisture. Stop with your disinfo campaign you scumbag. The trails get bigger over time because of moisture collection as it expands, YOU ARE A FRAUD.

  4. sanluisskywatch

    I have captured the exact same “need to get into the other chemtrails path” watch#p/u/165/sLZPMbeHiMA

    It, might be a GPS thing, as the planes might not even be piloted.


    @ChrisArcen what the fuck does WW2 have to do with this.They fuck’n bombard the sky with chemtrails!!! We are under attack by our own people.Either the sun is getting stronger, Nibiru is getting closer, or it helps for weather forecasts or all those answers. It is bad for our health!!!.

  6. ChrisArcen

    @CONTRAHABS Why would WW2 bomber pilots want to leave trails that would let the enemy see them coming? Do you really think they wanted the fighters and AA guns to know were they were

  7. ChrisArcen

    @CONTRAHABS You do not understand the science of contrails! Clouds form because water vapor in the atmosphere condense on to practicals of dust in the air. If the air is humid enough then the extra water vapor and the practicals left from the combustion process in the exhaust will form a cloud trail that will last for hours and spread out.

  8. ChrisArcen

    These are NOT chemicals! These are very normal contrails, anyone saying that contrails can only last for 20 seconds does not understand contrail science. President contrails whve been around since before WW2.

  9. Steppen84W0lf

    N1 doku, realy great stuff !!! WAKE UP EUROPE !!! Greats from Germany, we all are under attack ! What climate change officiell ??? In germany officiel this things dont excist -.-

  10. fancoy

    What a great video! love love love it. After so many months and so many videos you made me open my eyes wide again.Congrats.Hard to see a natural blue sky or even the sun anymore.
    I like the way you arrive to your own conclusions and scape from some at least by now not more than theories… I wish we had stars as before here, I’d give you five but no, I can only give you thumbs up.You know, things change and get simple. Let’s not think much… let’s not let people think much…

  11. napzman76

    There are no dieseases from the chemtrails thats BS, no proof people are dying, hahaha, but there is proof they are fogging up the your view if the sun, yes fogging up the sky, so you dont see nibiru, a dark star, look at NASA’s WISE probe they just launched to space its to observe the dark planet thats coming.

  12. rdkt123

    nasty nasty skies,
    great video 5*****,
    spraying in uk over my area not as bad as 2008,2009,not sure why,that puts the debunkers on the back foot,if planes just leave good old fashioned contrails then you would see them a heck of a lot…no ones telling me theres a specific time when the humidity is right..the altitude is right,the temp is right and this occurs once in a while. No the spraying has been reduced or redeployed for Now…..

  13. chillart22

    I appreciate this video and all the work you’ve done to make it so compelling,it’s excellent and I will show it to people for obvious reasons,number 1.
    Don’t forget “they” used nazi scientists/occultists resulting in many of the unbelievable technologies weaponised and active right now and are almost ready for their “Black Awakening” which is how the world will be brought to its knees almost instantly=usher in IT

  14. Silberhorter

    yes, fear-trap is dangerous for our health, mind, body. But from time to time its leading me the way to focus on whats really important. After I realize this, I fell more power than fear lately. The starting process with acceptance of truth, no matter how rude and harsh it is caused a lot of fear-feelings inside me at first though. Guess thats main reason why people oppose truth.

  15. Silberhorter

    thanks, had to make another video after 1 cloudy day after the other one. And now that the sun appears for the 1st time in weeks, they immediately spray it off. I know, hard to completely prevent the toxins to get inside you, but at least we can take measures to reduce it with healthy living and food.


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