Chemtrail Galore – full moon chemtrails

Nightly spraying operations are hard to catch, but they sure happen. Just a simple debunker for the ‘sunscreen-theory’ that claims chemtrails are to counter global warming. They’re not. A sunscreen is not created at night, does not contain polymers, viri, dna and other very unhealthy garbage. Please.

25 thoughts on “Chemtrail Galore – full moon chemtrails

  1. mellowtonen

    agreed, were in a war for our own minds right now, and they’ve got the younger generation completely under control, most people shut themselves off to go watch other peoples lives on bullshit reality shows/american idol. govt has done chemical testing on Americans endless times in past, they want to depopulize, less people to control, start the New World Order, shitty

  2. UkTruthSeeker2009

    It doesnt matter chaff or not the thing being pointed out is its Aluminium and other poisons and we do not want it in our skies. THEY NEVER ASKED OUR PERMISSION WE DIDNT VOTE ON IT DID WE??? We are all people of this world.Its been that bad in the UK Its hard to breathe I dont like seeing my children always ill.

  3. pittsack06

    mice to the cheese(prizes)and not great scientific developments or actual brain stimulating programs.. we are being distracted so they can push there agendas under the cover of dark!there is alot of powerfull people involved and they have been promised something that they will kill for.9/11!no remorse!so its gotta be big! the question is?is common man going to be around for the change?pandemic!or will we be enslaved under there agenda/micochipped!/or shown the real rulers/greys/annunaki/nordic

  4. pittsack06

    this is what i beleieve from years of research…soon there is going to come a time of large awakening that we are not alone…..many of the higher echelon have known this since the grenada treaty of 1954… basically now a case of you cant handle the truth is being played out as society is being dummed down and slowly led away from factual truth and our relationship with the universe.ask urself why on prime time tv ppl are dressed in stupid coloured gear running round an obstacle course like

  5. URAterrorist

    What is unbelievably dumb, is someone who thinks contrails and chemtrails are the same thing. Yes any idiot knows that contrails form at high altitudes and low temperatures. Chemtrails however, form at ANY altitude and at ANY temperature. There are 4 seasons where I live. Chemtrails form in ALL of them. Iv’e only been watching this anomaly for 10 years now. If they don’t spray all night, my morning blue sky turns completely white EVERY afternoon. This may be your memory of normal, but not mine!

  6. KarakulBrigand

    Chemtrails don’t exsist? Watch this vid.
    Experimental Biological Chemical? Spraying (chemtrails?)

  7. fridogg

    Just imagine what we cannot see being done in our upper atmosphere. Chemtrials I believe are just the beginning

  8. Stormr69

    Actually what you are refering too is CHAFF. It is NOT a powder. It is tiny aluminium strands that are designed to REFLECT radar. The chaff confuses radar guided missiles by presenting them with a huge amount of targets. It would make the targeting of a plane be like looking for a single tree in a forest, thats why the military also combines heat seaking capabilities into missiles. (The countermeasure for that being flares.)

    They are contrails (Look it up.) Thats all…

  9. iwasthatdolphin

    Keep them coming…Excellent observation…
    5***** again! See above video postings…
    Anomalous Hiss and Anomalous ‘Waves’ for some more MIND STIMULATION!

  10. Bluesage2009


    THESE ARE VERY LIKELY “CHUFF” : ANTI RADAR SCREENING. (powder that contains aluminium to deflect RADAR, and make it very hard for MISSLES to target.

    this would be undertaken under EXTREME THREAT of a Nuclear War threat !

  11. Lookup2Wakeup

    Yes I have noticed that too.

    We were sprayed in Devon UK over the night of 16 October 2008. That is the first time I have witness night spraying since I woke up to chemtrail in April 08.

    I am very concerned as to why they are doing this to us.

  12. DjSadhu

    There are so many factions and agenda’s that it’s pointless to try and determine “the” agenda. All we know for sure is that there are “bad” groups trying to destroy us and each other, and a percentage of mankind is trying very hard to grow, awaken, do good and wake up others. It’s all dualistic energy… and forces that try to gain access from other realms.

  13. DjSadhu

    Unless it’s a double/triple agenda 😉
    Once the “box” is gone, you’ll be open for the real deal… I must say there’s also a lot of nonsense out there, but you have NO idea to what extend the average person has been dummed down, ready to execute commands, not believing in anything anymore…

  14. XxBadboyxxX

    It is a kind of funny for me that some people thing they could wake the other people up and change something. The majority of people are too stupid or ignorant for that. We must accept that we have no chance. So better don’t wake up the other people because they are enough troubles in our lifetime.

  15. IndigoScientist

    For all concerned, we need data.

    FAA anti-collision strobe light requirement:

    Has anyone noticed if the night time sprayers have strobe lights? None, most, all?

  16. DjSadhu

    Yeah thanks… a LOT of people got a LOT of waking up to do mate 😉
    By the way: look for “hashemsfilms” on youtube and go see the “Dajjal Antichrist” series!! Talking about waking up.

  17. Lookup2Wakeup

    I saw exactly this coming past my skylight one night.
    Odd low level clouds, more like a gas swirling.
    We all need to WAKE UP!
    Sorry about my rant.
    Great vid by the way.

  18. DJmisplacedmarbles

    don’t know much about these ‘chemtrails’ man but that was a good vid n sweet chilled tune ..enjoyed it, thanks

  19. rushfan9thcmd

    great footage. One of the best videos I have gotten was of full moon trails and a couple planes that were doing it. My digital camera would not deal with the low light so I got the old camcorder out and shot plenty. The heads must have been dirty. The quality suffered.


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