Chemtrail Galore – SprayDay 02-10-08

Snake trails, rainbow trails, a single trail from a twin-engine aircraft and of course a sky filled with chemicals… all shot near my home [sorry for the two deleted comments, I had to re-upload the video]

25 thoughts on “Chemtrail Galore – SprayDay 02-10-08

  1. JLaw012

    @Tobluesmetal. At high altitudes this water vapour emerges into a cold environment, and the local increase in water vapour can push the water content of the air past saturation point. The vapour then condenses into tiny water droplets and/or deposits into ice.

  2. Tobluesmetal

    @JLaw012 exactly its vapor.. and so how can they exist in temperatures and heights that dont allow vapor to be created? vapor is only created at high enough altitudes …go ask a pilot, i know a couple

  3. JLaw012

    @Tobluesmetal. Vapor Trails from airplanes is a combination of fuel exhaust and rapid compression of the moisture in the atmosphere due to the speed of the plane. Where an aircraft passes through a cloud, it can clear a path through it; this is known as a distrail.

    If i was as worried about as some of these people who waste their time all day making bullshit videos on it i would end the mystery and go get my blood tested for barium or whatever. its a simple solution.

  4. Tobluesmetal

    @JLaw012 if it doesnt qualify it can you still explain it? im asking you because I cant, you seem to know EVERYTHING .. do you ever question anything ?> chemtrails have even been reported on the news before . as much as thats bullshit its still being noticed

  5. JLaw012

    @Tobluesmetal. Seeing something that you don’t see everyday does not qualify it to be the government polluting the air to kill off the population. I already know about weather modification but AGAIN. if there is a type of poison or chemical that will harm you being put in the air it WILLLLLLLL show up in your blood stream. That is a fact!!

  6. Tobluesmetal

    @JLaw012 not period. you need to question yourself. i dont need to prove to you what i see. I have only been watching the sky for the past 5 years. if chemtrails are so normal why dont u see them everyday, if they are so normal why doesn’t every plane have huge trails? why does the home income tax act of 2001 for the unites states call them by name. why did the french admit to using them. i dont need to prove anything to you. why dont you question instead of blindly agreeing with the mass media

  7. JLaw012

    @Tobluesmetal. I don’t censor my page go look at my history of comments on my channel, plenty of rude comments i allow. Stop avoiding the fact that if there were chemicals in the air that would harm us then it would be in our blood stream PERIOD. So go test your blood and stop whining.

  8. Tobluesmetal

    @JLaw012 wow you censor your own comment page. all i have left to say to you … you call us all idiots and morons. well your the one wasting your time ragging on us , your the one who has no life. Go do actual research. go to your local “weather modification inc.” and ask them what it is

  9. JLaw012

    @Tobluesmetal. is it about you finding out your blood is not infected with lethal chemicals? Go look up Vapor trails, and airplanes dumping fuel.

  10. JLaw012

    @Tobluesmetal….who is “they”? and anyone can make those types of claims. Blood tests would prove it to yourself without the need of taking someone elses WORD for it.

  11. Tobluesmetal

    @JLaw012 they have actually done soil sample tests that were contaminated with aluminum ,,,, what goes up comes down

  12. JLaw012

    @yorpapadopoulos and other like minded morons. If you want to find out if they are really spraying harmful chemicals in the air that will harm you all you need to do is go to your doctor and get a blood test done and ask them to look for any harmful chemicals in your blood. haha so simple…go look up vapor trails after your doctor has debunked you.

  13. astarotcito

    Thank you!

  14. mishimoskowitz

    Beautuiful job here. Don’t mind the ignorant remarks…they just aren’t educated yet. Chemtrails are chemtrails and any idiot can figure that out. All it takes is watching the sky for 15 minutes and watching the trails turn into clouds. Then look up the metals they’re spraying then look at the increased cancer rate.

  15. TrueSkeptic77

    Stop crying? Wipe your tears and get in the game why dont you?

    The argument is that persistent contrails are what many call Chemtrails. Well persistent contrails only form in very special conditions and in very high altitudes where its very cold.

    Thats not what we are seeing and documenting.

    You are writing that people should pull their heads out of their asses, why dont you be a good example and do that then?

  16. TrueSkeptic77

    To be a debunker is to be a pseudoskeptic, and anyone with a brain that works knows that pseudoskepsism isnt science, its being ignorant. So one can quite easy conclude that you are quite arrogant and ignorant with a pseudosktic rhetoric.

    Good for you, but you arent very close to the reality, you are just keeping your little bubble intact.

  17. TrueSkeptic77

    You take personal offense when someonw knows more then you do, you dont want your little narrow bubble to burst and you would do anything to keep your little bubble intact.

  18. TrueSkeptic77

    No not ordinary trails. I know what ordinary trails looks like because I live near an airport.

    Actually my little hobbit, you are the one ignorant. Ill bet you havent read very much about weather modifications, airosol spraying, geoengineering. You “think” you are right, and you take comfort in that. So you dont actually look up any new information, science, history or what have you.


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