This is footage of a chemtrail plane spewing out its poison over our house. Then all of a sudden we noticed this black shadow plane??? appear at the side of it… I don’t know what it was I just thought it was very odd, we haven’t seen this before…. After the shadow disappeared the plane started to follow a black line which appeared at the front of the plane, I have seen these before but not as black and visable.. We live under a Military Flight Path.. No commercial Flights come over us yet we are covered with trails nearly every day :(


  1. cessna421ace

    It’s the shadow being casted on a thin layer of clouds probably 2-4000 feet below the airplane. I fly corporate jets and I see this stuff up close. Ghost lines are seriously SHADOWS and nothing more. I promise! Contrails are the same thing your car makes on a cold winter day (when you can see the exhaust).

  2. peterson553

    I don’t see a plane. This is like another video I saw that had two chemtrails being left and nothing leaving them on that one either. Are they using holographic technology? Even with the naked eye you can see the plane…

  3. jambuckerwarblast

    i have got the same on vid but have seen this many times and would realy like to know what this black beam really is?? please look at chemtrail black beam ufo and tell me what it is? they must be ufo’s if no one can say what this black thing is i have never seeen this before……

  4. seanturpin01

    I think its the shadow casting on the chemtrail haze underneath it. Im not saying you are wrong, thats just what it looks like. ive seen the same sorta thing in my area.


    ok, sun is in backside and above the plane. under the plane is a thin cloud layer. this is only a shadow of the plane and his con(chem)trail. rarely, but nothing unusual and completely normal physics.

  6. nis8888

    Get a life guys. Chemtrail!! hahaha Yea right. Thats a contrail. Its the same thing that happens to your breath when you go out in the cold.

  7. ahiemstra

    Sigh. Just a ice crystals from the airplane exhaust at high altitude. Ice crystals build – sun is blocked and casts a shadow on the cloud formations below. In this case probably a 4 engine 747. You cannot see the airplane, because of the clouds. The ice crystals however, are much much brighter, because the sun shines through. That is why you can only see the stripes.

  8. rootofsea

    thank u for sharing it with us.
    more info about these planes it would be nice, for a start then lets found out more about the shade

  9. TDPUK

    lol is this a joke too? the black shadow is caused by low light, and it’s not a shadow plane, look at the low cloud? jesus christ idiots.

  10. sanluisskywatch

    I don’t think I meant to reply to that poster- as his comment makes sense- it is the shadow from the tanker being projected on the diffused spray below it. I filmed something like this today I will upload soon.

  11. RascalCoyote

    @Lookup2Wakeup proof? I having hard time believing this, yes there is an aerial spraying going on, for what purposes one can only guess.but as I said, these shadows are not unheard of during the right atmospheric conditions.

  12. RascalCoyote

    @okrawhite yup, that’s exactly what it look like, this is not unheard of, these kinds of shadows are common during the right atmospheric conditions.


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