Chemtrail \ HAARP Connection

Short trailer video…….

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  1. soeasypls

    Venezuelan Leader Hugo Chaves Claims USA /HAARP Caused The Earthquake In Haiti!

    Cut And Paste RT News ran the? story

  2. aakko777

    This has got to stop, these elite people running the word make me sick and very angry, they have no right to fuck with us and our beautiful planet. STOP NWO!!! INFORM EVERYONE YOU KNOW!!

  3. SahMai

    This are chemtrails Ingredients 1 Bacilli and Molds 2 Pseudomonas A eruginosa. 3 Pseudomonas Florescens.4 Bacilli Amyloliquefaciens. 5 Streptomyces. 6 Enterobacteriaceae. 7 Serratia Marcsens. 8 Human White Blood Cells . 9 A restricter enzyme used in reresearch labs to snip and combine DNA 10 Enterobacter Cloacae. 11 Other bacilli and other toxic molds capable of producing heart disease and meningitis as well as acute upper respiratory and gastrointestinal distress. all toxic.

  4. SahMai

    The GOD That Made The Heavens and The Earth Says This to you All. Put on the complete suit of Ormor from GOD that you may be able to stand firm against the devil because we have a wrestling not against Blood and flesh but against the governments against the authorities against the World Rulersof this darkness against the wicked spirits forces in the heavenly places on this account take up the complete suit of armor from GOD that you may be able to resist in the wicked day and after you have

  5. SahMai

    Same here in Australia all over the world they are spraying.The aganda is depopulation we are heading for the great tribulation that the Bible speaks about. God is the only one that will save us. The Illuminati have good control over the millitary, how can the military poison the air that there own children will inhale.

  6. EyeWitnessNewss

    I do think some chem trailes exist because I have seen many things to disprove the chem trail theories, This video is great though.

    We will win this war against the NWO!

    Peace and Love
    Jah Rasta

  7. tokiesmoker

    we were all told it was exaust when we were kids they have been doing this shit to us for years!!!!

  8. ddiiaa52

    Keep up the great work with your videos..Enough people realize what is going on then the government will have to explain what the heck they are doing to us. Get the information out. And they are causing the weather to change. They are playing with our planet and our lives.


    All we can do is watch. It is common knowledge that it is “legal” to spay people
    to test military stuff. People will recieve whatever they are willing to put up with.
    It’s Gods will that this happen to us.
    You cannot morally go Rambo on them !
    Getting the information out will help.
    They layed off here a little today . I think it was too windy. Making me sick.

  10. Stroodels

    so what are we going to do.. just sit on youtube and watch what they are doing to us?? how about we fucking do something about this instead of being pussies?

  11. jnthnbush

    I don’t openly buy the theories, and I am septic. Can anyone join the discussion who doesn’t agree, not be called a shill?

    Anyways I am done with this argument, I am over it. I have read shit and watched your terrible videos that you call proof. Nobody with a sense of reality and science will support your argument.

    I don’t care anymore.


    Skywatcher jnthnbush is a shill look at his “channel” he only refutes 911 and

    Chemtrails the ones in the patent , The ones we see being sprayed ! They are not there ! You must be nuts …lol/

  13. wizardangel

    excellent production ,,the halo mid-day sun is more often here NW ark-heavy trails past 5 yrs-note the blacktrails 3yrs ago and seems illness follows..plants in flower do not produce a fruit and pets lose fur foot to grassline begain to wash and cry ,a heavy cough that after a long battle kills them..I also note the spiderweb looking things with blacktrails on 3 ocassions-these drift early AM and disolve if touched or sunlight direct hits,,a real web will not disolve-vist my HARRP History video

  14. teratornid

    Yesterday two planes turned on their trails, flew over and turned off at the same place one after the other. Lots of HAARP dunes lately, even mini-dune and normal sized dune areas side by side in the same “cloud”. Puddles always have that ugly gray membrane, it’s everywhere.


    The first time I saw a chem vid I chuckled and honestly thought the man pointing to the trails criss crossing the sky was mentally impaired. I reached that chemvid by chance, a TAG the man used was the reason. I went back to my original search. Not thinking of the chemvid again…
    One night 2 mos later I saw 2 rivers of gray gunk being dumped over my house. I knew what they were.
    If it had’nt been for that obsurely placed TAG, I doubt I’d know about chems today.



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