CHEMTRAIL Hatching Orbs…!!!

Original poster (below) theorized that ‘orbs’ were ‘killing’ the chemtrail. I’m postulating and propose that what we are witnessing, is in fact self-assembli…

3 thoughts on “CHEMTRAIL Hatching Orbs…!!!

  1. conspiracynutjosh

    Look at the faces in the chemtrails the orbs are morgelons seedlings
    falling from the chemtrails which some turn into generators of those little
    things and remain floating dropping those orbs that you see, when we
    breathe them in little generators start to replicate the same things in our
    lymph nodes nesting inside of us like a parasite

  2. enlightenfawn

    I think some of those releasing’s are different types of hybrid insects,
    and/or the Drone insects, too. These past five years I have noticed some
    Really Strange bugs, aggressive big, solid black bee’s, with weird wings,
    etc.! I’ve done gardening for years & I’ve noticed the Honey Bee’s, Lady
    bugs & Butterflies in Serious decline. But now there are all these weird
    one’s that are not friendly or contribute to a Positive maintaining of
    Life+ ‘They’ hybrid snakes now – I learned that at a Pet shop!

  3. gindaburra

    This is the first time I’ve seen a chemtrail break up into pellets. It
    looks like hail to me. Maybe they got sick of waiting for it to drift to
    earth and added a chemical which makes it freeze to form hail. You’re spot
    on, it’s FROM the chemtrail.


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