Chemtrail Heatwave January 2012 (Part II)

In the month of January 2012 the United States has been experiencing a heatwave in the middle of Winter. During this heatwave, massive Chemtrail operations have been occurring across the country,

11 thoughts on “Chemtrail Heatwave January 2012 (Part II)

  1. dw31243

    Yeah, the music is retarded?? You missed the point of the video. C H E M T R A I L S are R E A L ! ! !


    Listen shill boy ! We see them spraying at lower levels to trap the heat in. ( and claim ‘global? warming.’)

  3. scombrid10

    I only have two YT accounts so? you’ll be done with me when you block scombrid10. But in so doing without discussing the science you only demonstrate that you are attached to your position like a religion and do not care about real evidence or the science of meteorology or atmospheric physics.

  4. scombrid10

    If cirrus is a lie and NASA has faked the cloud chart, why are such clouds described by old text books printed long before NASA existed?

    What of ancient descriptions of what we now know as “sun dogs” and other optical phenomena associated with cirrus clouds? Aristotle and Apuleius both describe them in some detail. The Sumerians write? about them. Is that fake? Or were chemtrails and HAARP active back then too?

  5. jack42grafton

    Sock Puppet Channel you are! By the way Cirrus is a lie created? by NASA
    just like there cloud chart!

  6. scombrid2

    I typed “chemtrail january 31, 2011”. Tons of vids. Same for February 1. Same for February 2…..Seach for chemtrail videos from last winter and see for yourself.

    You seem to be implying that chemtrails are causing the heatwave but there doesn’t seem to be any evidence that there are more chemtrails this year than last.

    Of course you need to demonstrate that what you are showing in your vids are something other than contrail cirrus and natural cirrus and sometimes both together.

  7. jaworskij

    dw31243, if you’re using a PVR, how do you get the audio so good? I had a Bell ExpressVu (Canada) satellite tv receiver and when I created a DVD on my DVD recorder (Pioneer? DVR-220) from the sat. receiver PVR, the audio would be quite low volume.

  8. StagehandStephen

    Good job, I have video and pics like yhis too. editing it now. Takes time and many days of trails. Im in or near Laughlin, NV. This place has great trails I hate to say, Mostly everyday and very heavy. Anyway Thought I would say thanks for putting time into? the stopping the trails from hell.


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