Chemtrail Heatwave January 2012

On January 4, 5, and 6th of 2012 a massive Chemtrail operation swept across the United States: from Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, all the way to Colorado. They were out in fleets of a jets spraying all day and night. During these 3 days the United States experience a heatwave in the middle of Winter.

25 thoughts on “Chemtrail Heatwave January 2012

  1. baboonsquadron

    there is a simple and convenient way to observe the sky for several decades, you? need to find a famous monument in? the world, go on google or any other image search, such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris. There are millions of images taken by tourists for decades, store them by date and you will be able to compare the sky for long periods. I did it for the Eiffel Tower and the chemtrails appear in mid-1990. Do it, please!

  2. noelohashirodriguez

    This is obviously to enhance the power of? HAARP. Not everything is what it seems (MOON or SUN may actually be HAARP in action)

  3. Manny Rivers

    Nice video. Liked and subscribed. Check out my ongoing chemtrail documentary from north los angeles county.?

  4. ambush77

    I dont know why you would think she or any MSM outlet would report on it. They are just script readers. They write and report on nothing. All media outlets are controlled by the same group. So to think you would get revealing journalism is a bit naiveThe people are not told about it,so it’s well and good. If it? was bad MSM would tell us..right? hehe also a BIG reason why this is such conspiracy topic. no info is given on what is going and the stuff that is , is from suspect sources decent video

  5. mvphotoartgraphy

    Great video!!! Nice pics!!! We all can clearly see how the media is controlled, I’m here in the capital DC they spray every single day I have a really early job 4 am I can see them spraying from like 3 am till like 8 9 pm every day! Don’t forget to breathe deeply. Keep? making this videos. Regards

  6. staeddt

    Very nice job !
    cought in the act of poisoning ?
    Have look what’s going on in Warsaw, Poland. There’s no different between? a lot!!! of US Chemtrails (in the same time) and Poland of course.

  7. justind71

    Amazing video, thanks for making it. It looks like the chemtrails have created a think, ceiling over Chicago making it like a giant “sauna” , it is very strange that the weather people didnt show the pics that you show, but they would not be allowed to. if they were in fact contrails (which is bordering on ridiculous, contrails are a? small tail that evaporates quickly lol) but it is just a coverup, most people are dumb like sheep and dont question anything.

  8. justind71

    not about paranoia, are u blind? Cant you see those chemtrails form into thick clouds and form a large seiling over Chicago? Blind freddy can see that, google “chemtrail patents” do some research and check out weathermodification .? org and then come? back

  9. justind71

    not about paranoia, are u blind? Cant you see? those chemtrails form into thick clouds and form a large seiling over Chicago? Blind freddy can see that, google “chemtrail patents” do some research and check out weathermodification . org and then come back

  10. justind71

    how bout you google “chemtrail patents” and see actual patents for things such as seeding clouds with? aluminium particles, after these patents were taken out there has been widespread sightings of chemtrails.

  11. blamo1958

    and Why? Nobody has ever given me a reason for aerial spraying the populace. What are they spraying? One suggested a “population control agent” (that actually sounds like a good idea) if so…it ain’t workin’ !! If you want to convince (normal) people? that this is happening, you need a lot more than videos and photos.

  12. nextinline777

    You? would think that anyone working at NASA, or anyone being told to spray anything but refuse to do it. It obviously takes a certain type of person to do this & be able to live with it..

  13. Yippie101

    see my latest vid on this subject – Eulogy of a Basketball — Chemtrails, Global? Warming, & Strategic Relocation [ELE]

  14. dw31243

    Actually you are wrong.

    The reason people that know about Chemtrails won’t talk is because they will get a 15K fine and loose their job. This goes for the weatherman and people that work at NASA. Not to mention all the photos, videos, and government documents that prove they exist.

    Saying Chemtrails are contrails is just propaganda.

    If you care so much about Contrails, go find a Contrail? video and comment on that. These are Chemtrails.

  15. ModerateMartian

    There is no evidence of chemtrails? (no scientific studies back up the theory because naturally all scientists are in on the conspiracy i.e. they are also murderers) only contrails. You’re right those that believe in the chemtrail conspiracy theory are paranoid.

  16. PointlessSteel

    This is called paranoia. You have no reason to believe that your worldview is both true AND these people actively oppose you. There are people who have evidence at least as strong as yours to criticize you. Surely you are able to see that. ?

  17. dw31243

    No. It is? the hired Internet Trolls by our governments who post 24/7 & the MSM who tell us that Chemtrails don’t exist when we provide photos, videos, and government documents that they do. This is called propaganda.

    Silence is dangerous.


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