Chemtrail in Google Earth by the NWO


25 thoughts on “Chemtrail in Google Earth by the NWO

  1. nle4lyfe

    um… whats so important about this video?

    its just a chem trail from burning up fuel to power the engines in the plane…

    the planes nothing more then a commercial airliner

    this video is really pointless to even be up, a big waist of time

    i was in the air force… seen many chem trails of different kinds above the base, and im 100% this is nothing unordinary at all

    please dont feed the mind of people with more bullshit, they got enough of it

    save the bullshit so the truth can be clear

  2. dugantc4

    dude… its condensation from the engine heat being so high in the atmosphere… u guys are nuts, hippies probably…

  3. jrzyboy76

    Looks like a couple of 1960’s vintage Lockheed Jetstar corporate jets to me….Chemtrails….what a joke.

  4. woody91142069

    Good find, nice video! I have seen chemtrails in Satelite photos.

    I have seen chem trails above my head too!

  5. MumboJumboTheatre

    I wish I had a dollar for every day I step outside when its clear in Seattle and have to look up at whats happened to our sky.

  6. hypnotstcollector

    This is real. I went there on G’ earth and the trail extends for hundreds of miles. It is located in the Bahamas, south of Young Island. I am sure the powers that be are on these sorts of issues, cleaning up the picture, lest the public see it and be all confused….


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