Chemtrail Info Day London April 6th 2013.

Chemtrail activists decended on Hyde Park for the biggest Chemtrail demonstration the country has ever seen……… ….. Music…

15 thoughts on “Chemtrail Info Day London April 6th 2013.

  1. Truth Conspiracy

    Please sign my petition for stopping Chemtrails in the UK sky’s. We need 100,000 signatures on? my brand new Government petition from UK residents, please either visit my channel for vid and link or may be in video response below if tbirdlauderdale would be so kind to accept video.

    Many thanks people from the UK and humans from the planet Earth!! Lets kick ass!!

  2. Chris Poole

    I see your RedDaVincy batting? boy. “not just ignorrant people” and I suppose your highly knowledgeable and not deceived at all. By the way ignorant has one r. Bless

  3. Chris Poole

    I love how all the shills have hopped on trying to dis-information everything. “There are real demographic problems we’re facing in the West” You? are in India.

  4. Chris Poole

    These are criminals, lets stop calling them scientist and politicians. We’ve had a couple of sunny days here in Leicester, but the’re out in force again.? Looks like USAF Boeing Stratotankers doing the grid? again. Lets keep going.

  5. Colleen Staroszik

    FANTASTIC! Cheers from Canada.This is INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM IN THE SKY!? I was in London/Paris in March,and like here,most people are oblivious as to what is happening in the sky.SHAME on the MEDIA,weatherpeople,politicians,air traffic controllers,regular airline pilots,major environmentalists(groups)for staying silent on this.Are you being paid for your silence?SHAME on the international media for censoring this issue 100%. It is easier to FOOL someone than convince them they have been FOOLED!

  6. gl gd

    EN to #s scripted: 3666 72642, 6684464 968 226 36 86 7283 843 32788. 48 47 866 5283.
    38379663 4283 7678 263 92824? 8467 84336 273 86337 2668765 63 7287468 228, 263 9455 23 94735377 3932833. 3845 8665 2668765 46637 32784 2673. 4 5683 9683 255.

  7. MusicManxxxxx

    Particularly wierd cloud formations over London today.? How exactly are regular, lattice formations created in clouds?

  8. MusicManxxxxx

    14th April 2013. Central London. Having done some research. I’m now convinced that chemtrails are a reality. Before I did any research I thought it was just nonsense.

    When presented with sufficient evidence it’s hard not to see whats going on.. and the evidence is there some of it very technical and scientific, but there nonetheless.

    That said, I need to do more. There are lots of data from USA? but need more pointers re London and UK

  9. Mark Pullen

    “When I went to school there were about seven clouds”. I dont think anymore needs to be said. this man? is obviously an expert in the field


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