Chemtrail Investigation With A Twist ! 07-23-2013 Secret UFO ORB Base Discovered

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25 thoughts on “Chemtrail Investigation With A Twist ! 07-23-2013 Secret UFO ORB Base Discovered

  1. texascommtech

    If you have? them, I’d like to know the GPS coordinates of that place to see what I can learn from google & other maps. It COULD be they are extreme anti-gov survivalists and u could disappear 4ever! I am sure they have nothing to do with chemtrails, but the “orbs” COULD be surveillance drones looking for unwanted visitors. PLEASE be careful but updated. Respect their right to privacy & see what u can learn lawfully & discreetly FIRST.

  2. texascommtech

    I wish u had showed me the very top of that tower, but all I saw was an antenna rotator and the support pole that sticks up out of it, but not the? actual antenna on top. That could tell me much. Would also like to have had close up photo of that sensor, but it would have detected you if you got that close & we may not have ever heard from you again.

  3. texascommtech

    This was VERY interesting to me. It seems a ground vibration sensor, motion detector or thermal detector alerted them to your presence. I would be VERY careful about going back at night. If they have night vision & FLIR, they can literally walk right up to? you and you won’t even know they are there. (I am certified on Star Safire 3!) I would use long range lenses to survey that place for WEEKS b4 even thinking about going back. You need to tell most trusted friend anytime u go near that place.

  4. BabyButtons57

    This is awesome I think you are very BRAVE. I? thought all along that some(most) of this ET stuff as bogus. None of this stuff looks like its from outer space. You have proof that this is inner space. They want to freak people out so we all say “Please take my freedom, just save us from the big bad ALIENS.” I have for sure subscribed to your channel, I can’t wait to see what happens next. Take care and stay safe.

  5. leora1215

    He is in Denmark and its just sick over there. I’m? in Oregon n never seen anything like it. Thanks for your channel. Peace

  6. leora1215

    I haven’t been able to watch your whole vid? yet. For some reason any vids I try to watch about chemtrails n such just shuts down at the same place, about a minute n thirty secs into the but I will get through it eventually but I want to share my friend’s channel “skywatcherbjarki”.

  7. BAParanormalGroup

    not if they had an inoculation to make them imune, kind of like the malaria jab and spray everyone? with malaria !
    Its probably this which is killing the bees off! which will lower crops and cause a worldwide famine and reduce the worlds population as mentioned on the Georgia Stones

  8. Tsunke Witko

    Oh, and as? curious as I am about this secret desert glowball group… careful. It’s also easy to disappear in the middle of nowhere.

  9. Tsunke Witko

    The mystery campground? compiled with the orbs is interesting indeed. It’s easy to do things in the middle of nowhere, without eyes…so they thought. I’m very curious as to what the connection is. On the contrail thing, my take is that there’s more pollutants over heavily populated areas, due to the automobiles and such, which laces onto the exhaust of the jets whereas no pollutants in the middle of nowhere equals nothing to show what is still there anyway. It’s just visible over cities.

  10. DarkSkyWatcher74

    or I should say the only requirement is to be 10,000? ft or above all planes filmed had minimum altitude of 15k

  11. kosh2001

    Exactly! There were a couple of vids on YT that are gone from my playlist. One was a conference with climate scientist talking about weather modification and chem trails would be the last resort(of what they didn’t say)
    Well they’ve been doing it for years now so? The other talked about the elite
    aren’t hiding in bunkers so whatever is being done is also effecting them to so something really bad is coming our way, just my? thoughts! Peace!

  12. rd47blog

    I travel all over Arizona making my videos. From Four Corners to Bisbee, I’ve seen chem-trails in the most remote locations in Arizona. So? the idea chem-trails are not spread over remote areas is wrong. Just talked to my Hopi bud in Hotevilla, he said the chem-trail spraying has been constant this summer.

  13. jan Penland

    Be careful Paul. You wouldn’t be the first one they took out. We need you! Not all of us can get out to? do field research. Love your vids, they are very informative. But most of all, STAY SAFE and don’t get caught.


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