Chemtrail Jets near the Moon; Telescopic Zoom Up Close View!

This is an interesting video that shows planes in the upper atmosphere at altitudes at 33000 feet and above. This is the actual altitude in which natural and real condensation or “contrails” will form from jet engines. Chemtrail debunkers have told us for years that the planes we see leaving trails behind them that last for hours are these kind of natural contrails. This is scientifically impossible at the altitudes we have seen and videotaped them at. ” The height at which the cloud starts to form (cloud base) depends on the amount of moisture in the air parcel that forms the cloud. Humid air will generally result in a lower cloud base.[8] In temperate areas, the base of the cumulus clouds is usually up to 8000 ft (2400 m) in altitude.” Condensation trails from jet engines only form at altitudes above 30000 feet in ideal humid conditions. These conditions are rarely found in the west and southwest except maybe in winter time when there is no western or southern wind. This is very rare. Also the altitude is very high and almost unnoticeable with the naked eye. You need at least strong binoculars to see these planes at that height. So as you should now have figured out, 9 out of 10 chemtrails seen in modern days are far below the altitude levels that make it scientifically possible for them to be natural forming condensation trails or contrails. USe your god-given logic. Even if you had Superman vision fueled by Kryptonite and could see that high, contrails do not last for

10 thoughts on “Chemtrail Jets near the Moon; Telescopic Zoom Up Close View!

  1. GrassyKnollTrolls

    For those asking about the music, it’s Montreal, Canada’s Godspeed You Black Emperor and was released about 12 years ago. Their whole CD is like this in case you wondered. All the songs are pretty long. 10-15 min.

  2. AFAskygoddess

    Good video with great close ups of chemtrails.

    As for the trolls, like Mtown2354….get an honest job and stop spewing your disinfo in the comments section. You’d have to be fcuking stupid (or a troll) not to say that something is very wrong up in the skys today.

    Finally, when I ‘thumbs down’ the troll’s comments, ytube didn’t register it. So much for honest voting. Maybe ytube’s new channel was created by Diebold.

  3. lookupwakeup

    Great video! Enjoyed the music… had an eerie yet somber feel to it. Love the picks of the moon and planets.
    I know you tried to put this as a response for one of our videos…please try again… youtube messes with us sometimes.
    Thanks for posting! 5*****

  4. van1976

    There is “something up” with chemtrails. I see them around here all the time–some days nothing other days they’re all over the place. The Ad for “Pawn Stars” on the History channel you see chemtrails in the Las Vegas background. I see them in outdoor backgrounds on TV all the time –look and you’ll see. In the cold days of winter you can see your breath for a few seconds, but for hours???–I don’t think so.
    Good vids keep ’em coming.

  5. GrassyKnollTrolls

    Oh come on guys. I put a lot of effort into shooting this. Please rate for content. If you don’t believe in chemtrails, then you’re either a disinfo plant, or just lying. It’s obvious what is going on. See the tons of videos on YT like Tankerenemy and Silbelhorter.

  6. Mtown3254

    Nice zoomed in views, but the fact that the clouds are seen appearing behind the plane (rather then directly from the wing or fuselage) is proof that these are just contrails. If they were sprayed chemicals, they would not wait to show up a couple hundred feet behind the plane. They would show up instantly as if they were streaming out of the body of the plane itself. These are just contrails.


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