Chemtrail Massacre The Movie 2011. Justice and Freedom Productions.

After 4 days of clear blue skies, hardly any planes and NO chemtrails, we were then battered with them. I have never witnessed so much chemtrail activity! Fi…

12 thoughts on “Chemtrail Massacre The Movie 2011. Justice and Freedom Productions.

  1. Eatweyn

    Watch a normal jet, its condensation trail vanishes in a matter of minutes,
    a chem trail stays, it spreads out and becomes mistaken for cloud

  2. TSwidryk

    This is EXACTLY what we have seen at the same times in Warwickshire also.
    Monday started with clear blue sky, after 4 hours of continuous spraying
    its was like trying to look through frosted glass. Tuesday till Saturday
    morning was crystal clear sky, beautiful for Four continuous days. Then
    this morning at 7:30 I see Three parallel aligned aircraft traveling from
    north to south spraying the sky with god knows what and then the rest of
    the day we have the same old frosted glass effect.

  3. DJ Criss Angel

    Also guys dont forget stay away from Vaccines.. it’s all to do with the
    same thing breaking down our Immune system for them to cause an
    outbreak..Remember they want 500,000,000 on this earth so outta 6 half

  4. systemanic

    Ive seen chemtrails many times; they do look weird. However, weres the
    evidence thyre nothing but normal airtrails?Ive mentioned them to ppl &
    they just say its from increased air traffic we have today nothing more;
    they stay in the air longer because of high altitude.This does make sense
    in a way as we have more air traffic than ever before.To convence people we
    need a real proven motive as to why theyre spraying the air.

  5. jamnoise72

    @systemanic PLEASE DO SOME RESEARCH. This is called geoengineering. See my
    other videos. ‘Ban Geoengineering -The importance of the Sun’ and ‘Weather
    warfare haarp and chemtrails’ . This is not natural. Look into it yourself.
    There are official documents out there. There is even an American patent on
    the types of air craft that spray this shit over us!! NASA is now trying to
    say these things are REAL clouds! See my video ‘NASA Lie! Chemtrails are
    not clouds’

  6. ESU1919

    THX Jackie for your efforts! We have to continue, and continue … like
    waterdrops, together, not alone – who drill the hole through the stubborn

  7. GoCo77

    Four days of clear blue skies. That used to be common in “Queensland, the
    Sunshine State”. Not any more, sorry. Weather modifiers have got us
    covered. In the SE Queensland urban area (Brisbane-Gold Coast) it’s day
    after freakin day of this toxic crap in our skies. Tell your travel agent
    the brochures about “Sunny Queensland” are BS!

  8. xChemicalThrowerx

    I’m in Yorkshire, England & there was so much activity prior to the recent
    snowfall we’ve had here. Now the skies have slightly cleared, low & behold
    I’m seeing more scattered chemtrails.


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