Chemtrail Mexico City, January 11th 2013

I filmed this Chemtrail on January 11th 2013 in Mexico City. I´m still sick from the spraying we had on December 2nd. It´s time to know why we are getting sp…

4 thoughts on “Chemtrail Mexico City, January 11th 2013

  1. gringoinGDL

    Hey Hans, Francis from GDL here, yesterday i was at a friends house who lives on a rooftop, with a spectacular 360? panorama of the whole sky.. i saw three separate planes fly as if they were on a road, one after the other in like a 30 minute intervall, they all left the exact same trail behind them. what is weird is that i saw many other planes fly all around, but those three planes, flying the same route, spraying who knows what alarmed me…


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