Chemtrail Morgellons and Nanotech

Talking about the link between chemtrails and Morgellons disease with Nanotechnology. Some details I came across while getting information for my webpage and another video. Want to know what people think about this link and get some feedback.

25 thoughts on “Chemtrail Morgellons and Nanotech

  1. yann pilgrim

    hold on why is it that every time i see one of these hexagon things they always different, why has no one died, if there mind controlling you how can you still argue against? it if these things are so small how comes everyone keeps finding them, why isnt it happening in the uk

  2. TrackratM3

    Last year I discovered what I thought was a splinter on my finger, when I pulled it out it was a fine opauqe white like thread about 1/2 long, on? the end of it was a metallic tiny mitifaceted object, it looks the same as the pic in the video, what? why? how???

  3. tenderevolved

    I believe the only way to stop this is thru awareness. We need to start somewhere and the good news is the evidence is overwhelming. What about designating a date in a month or so, collecting as much info as possible, and? as many of us as possible show up in washington? The news awareness (regardless of how we may be portrayed) would plant that seed. I know it’s far from perfect but maybe a start? Something has to be done. Peace!

  4. SuperSilviao

    I think is awesome, because I have an album on? Facebook about chemtrails and how we were invaded and the people who had no clue, taught I was crazy.

  5. SMIshroomery321

    Subbed? & I document the skies daily & have spoken with BPoildisaster who films these A.I. Synthetic Bugs escaping the water ,flying into the air. There is no doubt in my mind that some sort of synthetic life has been unleashed in multiple forms. It goes much deeper than anyone will wish to know … Great channel

  6. 16f8771

    smokeing reduces the chance of the shit being sprayed getting in your system, i think thats why they are trying? to ban it. Smoke pure tabacco or weed not the the crap with 300 added chemicals.

  7. shoachiwarrior

    Very interesting. I have only awakened a few years ago in regards to chemtrails. I have noticed that every time they spray people get sick in town. Also I’ve noticed that we should have had 5 storms come through to give us rain for the crops and it passes by. I’ve seen a perfect circle form pushing clouds away as well as? watching a plane stop spraying and then it’s contrail start. I to would like to know more info and am thankful for people like you who put it up to help educate ourselves.

  8. mrpilotsdf

    I am an pilot and Morgellons suffer/victim, I will tell you once these things are on your lawn, in? your house and in your body it is a full time battle to get rid of them. Actually I’m nit sure if you can get “rid” of them!!!!!

  9. terracer

    You are right… the morgellons pathogens are in the chemtrails.. I collected rain samples for a few months and compared? the microscopic exact match. I am afraid it goes much further than that.. Once the morgellons creatures enter your environment they waste little time in building nests and reproducing. You MUST have a black light to see them properly.. It is incredible how fast they begin to takeover… Great video BTW – thanks for giving a crap, few do..

  10. QC3C7

    The first pic of the? aircraft is fuel dumping..
    Chemtrails are REAL from military commercial and private aircraft..
    Fake plane = Disinfo

  11. theobserver805

    it? is our civic and human earth bound duty to stop it. i would rather die trying to deprive these twisted fucks of there victory than to live and let them get away with it. alien or not this is war.

  12. theobserver805

    i freaked when i saw the nano machines as well. it reminds me of that song by the doors? that says this is the end.

  13. theobserver805

    you know i have had that thought as well. i am a heavy pot smoker and i never get sick i am in top physical shape and i have always wondered at the gov irrational prohibition of weed.?

  14. theobserver805

    you want to know what i think about it ? i am ready to assault the basses these planes fly out of, kill everyone involved in the operations, everyone responsible for these operations and anyone who collaborated including the? goddam pilots. i do not know about other countries but in usa this is treason.

  15. JoeCavy4

    Ephesians 6:12 For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against? principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.

  16. lanagual

    so the question is WHO is behind this….? maybe nicotine kills these things and that’s why they are brainwashing everyone? to quit smoking?…hmmmm…smoking most of my life, with 5 year breaks twice. No colds, no flu, no virus or other illnesses..EVER!!!..(since i started smoking).maybe cancer will get me in the end, but strange how smoking seems to keep away most illnesses….or is the alcohol? 😀

  17. UPOME

    holy hell. i was already freaked out about the chem trails but now i am beyond freaked out, just in utter shock and disgust and severely? saddened at what is being done to our human rights

  18. nssaxis

    @moonglow482004 check out my next video, will be up in coming hours. Only I left out the alien parts but there is something? being done :) and it gives me great hope for the future.
    Peace out.

  19. moonglow482004

    This is something from HIGH INTTELEGENCE I believe this is from Aliens. Extracted during torture. This is something that needs to be stopped immediately! As citizens we must find a loop whole to shut these animals? down!


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