Chemtrail Music Video – From Minnesota – Arron’s World

Plz go here and post your comment I named this video Arron’s World because aside from my wife, no one seems to care about our new designer sky, and the fact that they are attempting to put the old blue sky in the memory hole! Not even my friends care all that much! I have made sure that they know some of the details. Go here to post comments: Fuck this! They are deleting your comments! ABOUT THE SONG, From Minnesota: Some folks have taken offense to this song because they assume I am denigrating our Lord. I am a Christian although I loathe religion. Religion = Politics and Politics = control. The lyrics are based on the New Age Zeitgeist crowd, and also the peganization of Jesus by The Roman Catholic Church. I do not subscribe to any of the assertions put forth by Peter Joseph in his fable about our Lord. If you do, I suggest that you look up debunking Zeitgeist and you will find many videos with the truth instead of the baseless claims Zeitgeist makes. Especially the part about 10 deities sharing exactly the same circumstances in their histories. You will learn that this is New Age bullshit!

25 thoughts on “Chemtrail Music Video – From Minnesota – Arron’s World

  1. TheRobynhud

    first day of blue skies in the czech republic for ten days and they chemtrailed it out of existence,unbelievable……nobody noticed!!

  2. BarbarianRebellion

    @TheRobynhud thanx.. That’s me singin there.. glad you enjoyed it. yeah I’m working on a couple of songs right now. If you want to check out more of my music go to AmericaFell on yt. there are a lot of videos there but all the music videos begin with AmericaFell.

  3. TheRobynhud

    the skies so fucked up hey,in the gospel it talks about Jesus coming back on a cloud i think!!greeat lyrics i hope your doing more .thanks bro

  4. TrueSkeptic77

    In fact, anyone with any kind of relevant educations should understand that one cant use “conspiracy theory” as an argument for something not to be true.

    You do understand what conspiracy theory, a theory about a conspiracy means yes?

    Educate yourself.

  5. BarbarianRebellion

    Yeah, totally. It was a very good summery of what Zeitgeist really is. Kieth was supposed to be coming out with another one soon, A?

  6. GrassyKnollTrolls

    Have you watched the Keith Truth video’s about the New Age Zeigeist Infilitration of the Truth Movement? I just saw it for the first time last month. Great stuff. Great song too btw. I agree with you about religion and control.

  7. BarbarianRebellion

    Go for the one with the song on it. Perhaps you might affect me. Nothing an egg head like you can say, will make me as blind and stupid as you are. I doubt that you are even from Montreal.
    Your probably working for youtube trying to make a buck to supplement a useless existence.

  8. jack33321

    You are a shame for all the montrealers.
    You have to be a real moron to believe in these stupid conspiracy theories.

  9. bahnscott

    Contrails disappear after a few minutes. Chemtrails spread out and form a thin layer of fake cirrus clouds that turn the blue sky white.

  10. bubba2215

    well i watched your suggestions and im telling ya i have never seen anything like that around here.thats the kind of shit that scares the hell out of anyone with half a brain.ive heard them described as having sort of fibers in them when they hit the ground.if someone could positively i.d. the type of aircraft it would really help.this thread aint goin away from me.

  11. bubba2215

    like i said,i live w/in 25 miles of the busiest airport in the world.atlanta airspace is strictly controlled.we had to go around atl airspace but i tell ya,i know what con trails look like,i just would like to be able to pick out a contrail.if you knew what type of craft it was coming from that would help greatly and how they were being dispersed.again i dont put anything past our good ole government boys.and barbarian im pretty sure what i am seeing,at least the vast majority is a con trail.

  12. mulotroti

    The bigger the corportation the more evident they include them in their advertisement. I’ve seen a coca cola ad on TV a month ago, the guy comes out of the store, take a sip and says HAHHH, and the whole HAAAAA is written in the sky in the form of chemtrail… This is pure brainwash, wake up people!

  13. mulotroti

    Wow, with all the hours you get flying up there haven’t you ever noticed something during all that time ? Hard to tell how they deliver it, and for what reasons. But one thing is sure is that skies are far from what they used to be and plane that scatters chemtrails use a pattern that can be identified easily if one take time to look up. Look in all the advertisements, games, movies, you will see that they now contains chemtrails like if this “phenomena” is normal and has always been there.

  14. bubba2215

    of course i am.i have family here.i also have several hundred hours in a military aircraft as a navigator.i would like to know how to tell the difference,what is the delivery system,and what are they putting in the atmosphere.i have an open mind about the subject,so you arent spinning your wheels,so to speak.thanks for the response.

  15. BarbarianRebellion

    for starters you should watch, “don’t talk about the weather” and “aerosol crimes” the only thing I can say is what you are seeing in Atlanta is NOT contrails.I know a couple of channels that are covering chemtrails in Atlanta, so if u really are interested I will take the time to locate them. over and out. thanx for watching and inquiring.

  16. bubba2215

    somebody please explain to me the difference(visually)in a con trail and a chem trail.i live in atlanta,home of the worlds busiest airport.its hard from this video to see a difference.ive been hearing about these chemtrails for sometime now and would like to be able to distinguishif i were to be convinced these are real,you would have no better ally

  17. jbreezes

    Would hope, but even when that happens, they’ll probably believe cause is whatever msm makes up and tells them, which will probably be a “mysterious illness” like we’ve been having non-stop for last few years (as can be seen when tracking RSOE alert map). Bats, horses,pigs,cattle, fish, all kinds of living entities (trying to not refer to as “things”) have been dying from “unknown mysterious illnesses”. Environment is NEVER considered as possible cause & reports R always by CDC (govt. agency)


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