Chemtrail News with Meteorologist Scott Stevens | Extraordinary Year | December 11, 2012

On this episode: After last week’s miscue, our guest Scott Stevens joins us to share the fruits of his years of research into the chemtrail program. Scott is…

4 thoughts on “Chemtrail News with Meteorologist Scott Stevens | Extraordinary Year | December 11, 2012

  1. Der Kaktuszüchter

    Wir schreiben das Jahr 3047 .
    Ein Klassenzimmer in Salzburg .
    „ Was verstanden unsere Vorfahren unter Chemtrail oh allwissender Computer? ? ”
    „ Die haben gelaubt , das böse Firmen und Staaten Gift von Flugmaschinen versprühen würden , die Menschen von damals waren sehr abergläubisch die glaubten an alles was man ihnen eingeredet hat . Man hat ihnen auch eingeredet das an der Klimaerwärmung
    die Menschen nicht Schuld haben , noch heute? haben wir mit den Auswirkungen des Aberglauben zu kämpfen???????

  2. z5959

    We are being sprayed on a daily basis with toxic chemicals (chemtrails) It is? killing our environment, animals,water contamination,plants & trees are dying. It is making human beings sick & killing us as well. I demand this to be stopped today. I want to know why the people we have entrusted are not stopping this? Why is no one addressing this? STOP THE CHEMICALS BEING SPRAYED ON AMERICA TODAY. We the people do not want GMO foods or seed as well.

  3. Todd West

    I’ve got decent video of the contrails breaking and coming down as particulate blankets, came down and poisoned Adairsville, north of Atlanta. The longer? video shows the dispersal decently. Made lots of locals sick, bloody sinus discharges.

  4. 7NoSaint

    Excellent program. ChemTrails are real did not know they are choreographed.? I will visit: I added Scott Stevens to my names of note list. Peace, love and appreciation.


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