Chemtrail Nutters Debunked

Grey Bloke Funny Chemtrail Satire Debunking Chemtrail Hoax…

25 thoughts on “Chemtrail Nutters Debunked

  1. Brooke Walker

    Any idiot can see the aerial spraying. This video and the rest like it are
    just junk. What’s a “conspiracy” about seeing dozens of planes spewing
    white stuff that spreads out and obscures the sky. We see it happen here in
    West Virginia 3 or more times a week. And forget the contrail nonsense.
    We’re old enough to know what we’re seeing.?

  2. Skeptic Alliance

    Yeah that pisses me off too…well apparently the New World Order must want
    people to believe in Chemtrails because they removed the debunking video
    and remember they control EVERYTHING!!!! I’m of course kidding but it’s
    funny because I’ve seen conspiracy nuts complain when their videos are
    flagged and removed and they think there video was removed due to some
    large conspiracy.

  3. CosmicJellyfish

    Can’t see the stars? Two words: light pollution. But then again science has
    never been the conspiritard’s forte.

  4. CosmicJellyfish

    “Chemtrails debunked” has been removed because of “copyright infringement.”
    YouTube still hasn’t learned what “fair use” is all about. *facepalm*

  5. effteapea

    Well, without actually knowing the jet engines involved, the exhaust
    temperature, the moisture content in that exhaust, at that point, at that
    altitude, without knowing of the ice buildup on the fuselage of the plane
    (this can often cause central contrails, as can planes with tail engines),
    without knowing the altitude differences between those two planes, you
    can’t possibly know. I’m not sure how zero visibility gives you an idea of
    the likelihood of contrail formation.

  6. effteapea

    Nuclear weapons testing was done in particular areas, sure, there were
    local effects, and in some cases the pressure of a ridiculous cold war
    forced some scientists to do crazy things. But would they perform a high
    altitude nuclear test above a large city? No. Oil is profit driven, and
    sadly profits cut costs, which cause accidents. Chernobyl was just a crap
    design, who the hell has removable control rods which can’t be put back in
    when the core overheats?! So I feel my point still stands.

  7. JessicaAtreides37

    you don’t believe in what u can see, so the answer to #1 won’t impress you.
    #2 you don’t need complicit pilots, [work it out] and they’re not engineers
    anyway [they fly stuff] #3 additives in fuels. Why this? Really I mean no
    offence and i respect your view but look at our food and water, look at our
    plastic filled radioactive bodies, when you can see what’s obviously being
    done to us, why is it hard to believe that this is being done too? Sorry
    Long’ but you can just look up and see it. Fact is

  8. effteapea

    I think its perfectly explainable. There can be surprisingly large
    differences in moisture content and temperature between 35000ft and 25000
    feet. The next main variable to consider is engine type, as newer jet
    engines are more efficient, and tend to produce more water vapour. Just
    doing a bit of research one can see that other variables are: Air dust
    particle concentration; exhaust gas temperature, velocity, water content,
    water density, dirt concentration, circumferal velocity and turbulence.

  9. Skeptic Alliance

    PART 2: While I’m not saying America is the healthiest country in the
    world, people are living longer lives on average then they ever did in the
    past. Instead of all of these crazy side ideas the main 2 reasons why
    cancer has increased in America is TU DUH #1 The Life Expectancy has
    increased. The longer you live the better chance you have of getting cancer
    obviously. Back 3 or 4 centuries ago people were very lucky to live to 50.

  10. KwisatzHaderach68

    I’m speaking specifically of Chemtrails not cloud seeding. It’s difficult
    to explain two planes at the same altitude within a few miles of each other
    in parallel formation, one with a massive trail behind it and one with no
    trail what so ever. I have seen this twice in the past year. The first time
    I saw it, I was convinced, there it was in the sky right in front of me. As
    I say Eff’ no disrespect here, it’s just…well I’ve seen it [shrug]…

  11. BobPDXz

    Hey Idiot, Look up operation Cloverleaf which is a US Air-force operation.
    There is even a House resolution authorizing the funding of the chemtrail
    program. Who’s the nut job now fool? Wait till the chemtrails contain flu
    viruses moron. I hope you are the first one to take the RFID chip which by
    the way is in the Obama care bill.

  12. CraigTube

    Words like “nutjob” and “conspiracy nut” come strait from the mainstream
    news media. If that’s where you think the truth is, God help ya. Go get
    your swine flu shot before that flu kills you too. By the way, why are
    there contrails some days, and not others, even though the weather is the
    exact same? Do they cancel all the flights on certain days? Yesterday my
    whole sky was FULL of these long trails that were getting wider and by the
    end of the day, they covered the whole sky…..

  13. effteapea

    Oh right, so you researched those variables on that day, looked at the
    specs of those planes’ engines and decided, “nope…. non of that”? Ruled
    it out on a whim, perhaps? I don’t want to sound rude, but you’ve just
    dismissed the way the world works and the way science understands the
    world. Indeed, you’ve even dismissed the same science that allows us
    transport 100s of people in the air at 500mph using jet engines, just like
    that? Woah!

  14. CraigTube

    Look up “compartmentalization”. People ARE coming out with it, that’s why
    it’s such a huge thing now. Yes, there are weirdos out there who stretch
    things too far, but this is not one of those things. Pilots and engineers
    of the military are sworn to an oath of secrecy. But secrets are not kept
    well and FFS that’s why this is coming out! Get it????

  15. JessicaAtreides37

    I haven’t called anyone a sheeple or an idiot… where do you get this
    shit.. you proove to be the one with the closed mind here.. you are the
    insult-er and nut as far as I am concerned. I shall type to you no more
    stupid little boy… now I have left an insult…

  16. Skeptic Alliance

    Thanks for your support and not just calling me a sheeple or saying I need
    to wake up just because I don’t believe in these things because no offense
    the conspiracy ilk of people have a bad reputation with extreme arrogance
    that everyone that’s not like them needs to wake up….it’s nonsense
    basically this conspiracism is like a new religion or something; that’s
    about all I can say.

  17. Skeptic Alliance

    PART 2: A “secret conspiracy” of this magnitude which I’m defining as a
    conspiracy where the conspirators aren’t coming out i.e. keeping a secret
    is impossible. This wold require literally thousands of people to be in on
    the conspiracy; pilots that fly the hundreds of planes, the engineers that
    make the planes, people would come out and say they were doing this to
    their families etc. as people are historically horrible at keeping secrets
    even among insiders.

  18. Skeptic Alliance

    PART 2: There’s way too much to debunk here just using the comment section
    but for not let it suffice for me to say “I will be making a lot more
    videos in the future”.

  19. JessicaAtreides37

    Thank you Kwizatz, how to clearly define a chem-trail.. Oh and looks like
    plain English to me :) x… Thanks, bet lots of people who came here to be
    debunked have been awakened… funny how things work out… xxx

  20. Skeptic Alliance

    PART 3: In case you didn’t notice people are horrible at keeping secrets. 2
    people can’t have sex in the oval office without it coming out…and you
    expect me to believe that there is a mass conspiracy that would involve
    hundreds of people going on behind our backs? For this conspiracy to be
    true on the scale stupid movies like “What in the world are they spraying
    it would require hundreds of if not thousands of people to be in on it. See
    Part 4.

  21. defiythelie

    The biggest thing that does not add up with all the claims from the
    chemtrial’ers is this. Why would some chemicals sprayed be this visible? Is
    there any science that points to the chemicals that are supposedly sprayed
    creating these trails or cloud like structures? If governments were
    spraying bad things why are they visible? Why not do it only at night?


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