Chemtrail ON/OFF button play

catched a pilot playing around with Chemtrail ON/OFF button on 15.11.2009 here in Vienna, Austria. we will be 1st Central European country that will be sprayed à la Urkainian style because we are broke first in the next leg down, which is around the corner. We have massive protests on students side by now. Very revolutionary potential here. Plague spraying in southern Austria? Jane Burgermeister has just put up a new article on her webpage: new article of Jane Burgermeister: “Are Poland and Austria at the forefront of an undeclared biological war? ” new posting of Jane Burgermeister’s on 17.11, specifying the Villach spraying activities on 15.11.09. The REAL STORY: 1.25 Million Contract Mystery Flu In Ukraine As Flu Cases Spike In Russia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Serbia, Norway, India And Canada Influenza in Ukraine mutated and burns the lungs, British Scientists say —- Modification Law and Technology in the United States: A NEED FOR FURTHER RESEARCH.

25 thoughts on “Chemtrail ON/OFF button play

  1. flashinpon

    @ar5281ar yeah I took the liberty of doing that when they started replying so fast and furious. after I linked em to a few pdf’s proving these things were already well underway years ago, they scattered and looked for an easier target to lay their silly traps for.

  2. LibranEsq

    here is trail that goes on and then off and stays off. we take responsibility for killing the trail w/ hardcore acid vapor counter-release. Over NYC of all places, For real

  3. ar5281ar

    @flashinpon, cointelpro @ it’s best, or worst! i see the all knowing TheFactsMatter has closed shop again, this guy has dozens of channels filled with dis-info! not to mention LegionOfTruthers, just check out his early comments on his channel. thanks for noticing the skies.

  4. flashinpon

    hmm that’s weird. all the people who were sooo intent on logging on here and responding within 1 hour of my post havent responded in over a week. I believe they’ve given up. Or maybe they’re waiting for the next email from disinfo headquarters hahaha

  5. flashinpon

    @legionoftruthers I know enough about cloud formation to pass high school. but I also know what regular ‘contrails’ look like and I know what it looks like when they look weird. if i see a weird looking contrail i ask questions. my questions lead me to proof that agencies (2 years ago) planned to spray sulphates from jumbo jets. I’d be a fool to attribute all ‘weird contrails’ to natural formation after seeing that evidence.

  6. Legionoftruthers

    The sky has patches of differing humidity. Some patches are wet, some are drier. The patches can be quite small or quite large.
    Don’t believe me? Then wtf do you think clouds are!
    Even where there is blue sky there are patches of different humidity within the blue.
    This plane is simply flying through sky of differing humidity and so a contrail will only intermittantly form where the sky is already wet enough.
    Learn atmospheric science!

  7. flashinpon

    @thefactsmatter it is very common for the government to implement procedures long before making that information known to the public. this article was posted in 2008. What I’ve proven is that ‘aerosol sulfates’ can indeed mean ‘sprayed from a plane’ and environmentalists really do plan to spray them. now it’s just a matter of ‘have they started yet’, and i think the answer to that is ‘yes’. the idea that this is just a crazy conspiracy theory has now been trashed.

  8. TheFactsMatter

    @flashinpon “”One approach is to insert “scatterers” into the stratosphere. ”

    Yup, I agree…whenever ANYONE at ANY TIME says “One approach”, That means they are actually DOING it….LOL!

    What a complete dope you must be.


  9. TheFactsMatter

    @flashinpon “discussing the benefits” and actually doing it, are two completely different things.

    Yes, volcanic activity continuously puts PLENTY into the air.

    And you referring to ME as “dumb” (which only means unable to speak, stupid) makes YOU look stupid considering LOTS of people discuss things they MAY do…That doesn’t mean they actually go through with it! You are making an ignorant assumption and converting that assumption to “fact” in your head. THAT is “dumb”!!

  10. flashinpon

    @TheFactsMatter go to the link i just posted. environmentalists discuss the benefits of using JUMBO JETS to disperse sulfates into the upper atmosphere. still think these are ‘naturally occuring’ sulfates we’re talking about? you’re starting to look dumber and dumber as you continue to deny the obvious.

  11. flashinpon


    “One approach is to insert “scatterers” into the stratosphere. Caldeira cites an idea to deploy jumbo jets into the upper atmosphere and deposit clouds of tiny particles there, such as sulphur dioxide. Dispersing around 1m tonnes of sulphur dioxide per year across 10m square kilometres of the atmosphere would be enough to reflect away sufficient amounts of sunlight. ”
    explain that, deniers. tick tock.

  12. TheFactsMatter

    @flashinpon, Nope..the study is about measuring the the sulfates that are already there from ALL natural/man made sources.

    I LOVE how you complete fucking idiots see the word “AEROSOL” and automatically think of the word “spray”. It’s fucking hilarious just how stupid you are.

    I also love how you just claimed to school me with your TOTAL ignorance on the subject.

    I think you need to google something like “sources of sulfate atmosphere” or “sulfate aerosols” and catch up…fucking dope!

  13. flashinpon

    @TheFactsMatter wow, now who’s ignorant? The study is about dispersing sulfate compounds into the air ‘to slow global warming’ via aerosol spray. from a plane. you could go read something for yourself instead of insisting i post everything on here. I put the link up, go learn something. And I’m tired of your profane, disrespectful rants. I have been quite civil by comparison. It is quite obvious here which of us is the nut. And it aint me. Goodbye troll.

  14. TheFactsMatter

    @flashinpon, “but I do know that sulfate compounds aren’t good to breathe, and I do know what ‘aerosol dispersal’ means.” Oh yeah?! Prove it! And then prove they don’t come from nature, and not from airplanes. And prove that people are putting them into the air and not merely studying what is there. You are an ignorant liar and you spread fear based on that ignorance. Oh, if you want me to see your reply, hit reply next to my post. DAMN right you don’t understand science or aviation! Fuck you!

  15. flashinpon

    you’re right, I dont know much about aviation and I dont know much about atmospheric science. Sure don’t have a degree. but I do know that sulfate compounds aren’t good to breathe, and I do know what ‘aerosol dispersal’ means. Of course natural contrails can last awhile sometimes. But Carnegie just came out and said lets spray sulfur in the air! I dont know what it looks like, but I don’t really have to, do I? Even if it was ‘conspiracy theory’ before, it’s ‘conspiracy fact’ now, like it or not

  16. TheFactsMatter

    @flashinpon, Yes, you do…with your ignorance about aviation and atmospheric science. You don’t understand air saturation or jet engines. It’s obvious.

    There is no evidence that sulfate compounds create long white trails when they are used. Do you have any evidence at ALL that shows these trails are “sulfate compounds”. Or, that they last as long as they do because of ANY chemical at all!? NOPE! Know why?! because you are wrong and ignorant. Trails can, and often do, persist for hours.

  17. flashinpon

    @TheFactsMatter nobody is insulting aviation. nobody is saying every contrail from every plane flown by every pilot ever is an evil plot to poison the air. But if using planes to ‘aerosol disperse’ sulfate compounds into the air means something other than the obvious, by all means, use your aviation knowledge to educate me. I’m willing to learn.

  18. TheFactsMatter

    @flashinpon, I don’t want to learn ANYTHING from you! i KNOW the answers to those questions. I do NOT believe that YOU do! You are an idiot. And I will defend the good name of aviation from morons like you.

  19. flashinpon


    What am I, your tutor? If you genuinely want to learn I have no problem educating you. Meantime, I don’t like your tone. If you don’t believe in chemtrails, and honestly can’t see a correlation between ‘aerosol dispersents’ and ‘chemtrail theory’, then go watch something else with your time. Hanging around web pages to make fun of its patrons is called ‘trolling’, and I don’t feed trolls. Have a nice life.

  20. TheFactsMatter

    @flashinpon “Do? know what a troll is?”

    Yeah, just about everyone I’ve met on the internet. Your point?! I’m willing to discuss any matter, as long as ONLY verifiable facts are used. None of the chemtard assumptions based on their own ignorance. If it makes me a troll to want people to stop lying about subjects they know nothing about…so be it. I’m a troll! So…can we move on now?!

  21. TheFactsMatter

    @flashinpon, That tells me that you can define the word, stupid. Now tell me what they are, and where they come from.

  22. flashinpon

    @TheFactsMatter let me guess, the profanity is to prove that you’re not twelve? Nice try. And yes, I do know what ‘aerosol’ is.
    [air-uh-sawl, -sol] –noun 1. Physical Chemistry . a system of colloidal particles dispersed in a gas; smoke or fog.
    Do know what a troll is?

  23. TheFactsMatter

    @flashinpon, there is NO evidence, that ANYTHING “they” are doing has ANYTHING to do with the trails behind the airplanes. Keep the paranoid speculation coming! It’s why you people are looked down upon by society.

    What are YOU!? A fucking idiot?! You morons see something in the air…and IMMEDIATELY link it to OTHER shit you read about…why?! How do you know that when “they” “inject aerosols” there is ANYTHING at all to see in the air?!


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