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  1. rushfan9thcmd

    @IwontConform dew point humidity can be seen on upper air data plots by altitude. You can check these from around point in the country. This being said, there are also various patents for aerosol distribution processes including turbine engines. Those patents can be reviewed, not to mention the scientists disclosing the processes being used.

  2. IwontConform

    @RkoAhrims its already been established that chemtrails dont come from the engines.They are being emitted elsewhere from the aircraft

  3. IwontConform

    I dont buy that the sky has different “patches” or “layers” of humidity.Its obvious to me that these trails not only stop and start,but that there is a varying concentration of the material dispersed when making the trail.But the most compelling evidence comes from the ground in the form of soil,water and snow samples.The materials found match SAG proposals and aerosol patents exactly.You can learn “atmospheric science”,but it wont explain away the phenomenon,unless you want it to

  4. RkoAhrims

    LMFAO @ the lot of you… you cant turn chemtrails on and off Its natural… Its smoke from the engines do you have any idea how cold it is up there? the air must of got warm for a few secs, when you blow on a really cold morning you see little steam coming from your mouth… its warm air coming from the engines spraying into the cold air

  5. Legionoftruthers

    In actual fact large amounts of Aluminum and Barium are NOT being found. Complete idiots who are incapable of reading and understanding metric SI units are claiming they are getting high results when nothing of the sort is occurring at all.
    KSLA & the Dontpoisonme’s Australian GoldCoast test results are classic examples. Not only that but NO Samples have been taken of trails in the sky, just idiots collecting ground based samples .You guys would think dog shit comes from aircraft

  6. rushfan9thcmd

    @Legionoftruthers remember that temperature and dew points must be within 5 degrees of each other. Always check your upper air data plots skew T measurements. You will see what altitudes persistance may take place when the 2 are within 5 degrees. If not, then there is something strange going on. The Geoengineering process is out in the open and well known. The massive amounts of barium and aluminum are showing up across the US and other countries. Harmful chemtrails are no longer dismissed.

  7. Legionoftruthers

    The sky has patches of differing humidity. Some patches are wet, some are drier. The patches can be quite small or quite large.
    Don’t believe me? Then wtf do you think clouds are!
    Even where there is blue sky there are patches of different humidity within the blue.
    This plane is simply flying through sky of differing humidity and so a contrail will only intermittantly form where the sky is already wet enough.
    Learn atmospheric science!

  8. bmays002

    How are they turning chemtrails “on and off”? Are you suggesting they have sprayers? Or throttling back engines? (chemicals mixed in fuel)

    More likely pockets of slightly dryer air.

  9. MediaMisDirected

    contrails where discovered and proven 100 yrs ago. why are you idiots still looking up with your mouths open in awe of the vapor trail from the back of a plane? chem trails, fake moon landing, 911 conspiracies, planet x in 2012. the new world order. global warming. gas crisis. the crashing dollar. whats next people? for all you people who buy into this crap i have a message for you. i am jesus. send me your money

  10. Larryonoff33

    Contrails can form at ANY altitude depending on temp/pressure/humidity level….

    Please learn atmospheric science.

    Also- one can not definitively determine altitude of a trail from the ground.

  11. Larryonoff33

    I do not understand…contrails have always had the ability to persist…and spread…and cover the sky in a haze of cirrus clouds….

    How is this any different?

    Contrails are clouds…man-made clouds of ice…but clouds…

    Clouds have gaps in them…why wouldn’t contrails also have gaps in them…


  12. CumulonimbusCB

    What is so special about a contrail that starts and stops?
    Clouds do this, so why should it be impossible for contrails?

  13. lukeslandspeeder

    wrong it was a steady alltitude. i saw one doing the same shi# today. the sky isnt blue anymore. notuced?

    ask youre parents and others over 30 years.

    they will agree.

  14. ar5281ar

    honestly, i can say WORDS are cheap and none are needed to see what’s going on in the skies! and anybody seen how the pro-disinformer UninterestedNU takes up the whole page with one comment? tries to make other poeples comments disappear! nice work pro!

  15. UninterestedNU

    Honestly, I can’t leave without saying this one…..more…..time…


    It’s ridiculous nonsense and easily separates the absolute dumbest of the dumb, from the rest of society.

    To accept this hoax as fact is to dismiss 100+ years of aviation fact. Not to mention the fact that every meteorology book on the PLANET would have to be re-written to reflect your retarded views. Basic science would also have to change, drastically


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