Chemtrail over honolulu April 19,2012

This is the end of the trail,the high sirrus looking clouds are not natural Hawaiian clouds, on this day the sky was filled with cumulus clouds.

2 thoughts on “Chemtrail over honolulu April 19,2012

  1. ashesoneeight

    They say its aluminum oxide and barium,but why they are doing it I dont
    know, your guess is as good as mine.The side effect of heavy metals in the
    atmosphere are vast so there are multiple theories on what the agendas are
    ,eventually we will find out.Cloud seeding was used in the Vietnam war so
    its not new tech.The main thing is that we are aware that something is
    being sprayed.Then we will find out why and eventually who…

  2. 4thGloryMonday

    What do u suppose their releasing into the air I think their conditioning
    us for some kind of chemical warfare getting us use to whatever their
    releasing up there. Here they will fly in large x patterns all over the sky
    then eventually it will look like clouds and very few people take notice.
    What r they doing up there sure would like to know. Oh nice new paint still
    say u need to go li poly. Later bro


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