My neighbor called me out in the middle of the day to see this…apparently a fresh chemtrail had just been sprayed right over our neighborhood, and appeared to be quite low, unlike the ones we see at higher altitudes and over the ocean frequently these days. Within minutes it spread out, heated by the midday sun to form a uniform white haze. These trails were apparent all over the island that day, and the next day we had a complete thick blanket of this white haze covering the island. This is happening on all the islands of Hawaii nei. Now, I try not to take it personally, but WTF is going on??? And MR. PRESIDENT, I know you are here in Hawaii vacationing with your family – have you any thoughts on this aerosol program? What is the purpose? What are they spraying? Why are WE THE PEOPLE not being informed? Also, have you seen the film, WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THEY SPRAYING? What do you think about the research and findings of high quantities of aluminum in our soil and air? WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO TELL US WHAT’S GOING ON??? And don’t say it’s for our own good because we know it’s NOT. Its time to tell the truth, Mr. President.


  1. MauiSkyWatcher

    @osodelicious25 Yeah, Oso, Ive thought about that too…and the fact that the solar flares actually CAUSE some of the extreme weather we are having – earthquakes are common about 48 hours after a CME.

    Also, Ive been thinking a LOT about China’s involvement in the WorldWeatherWars, because Hawaii has been hit hard with all this bizarre weather from the WEST. What if theyre just having a big battle of the scalar weapons? IDK, its enuff to make ya crazy, I tell ya. (which is another NWO plan)

  2. osodelicious25

    I actually have thought of another theory in which the aren’t trying to kill us but what if they are trying to build a layer to protect the outter atmosphere from the solar storm? Nasa has warned about the storm is coming and the effect it will have is unknown as this will be the larges solar maximum ever. They are keeping this information on the DL because it is true and is coming definetly, they don’t want people to panic and horde, but people should know and prepare. Good Luck and God Bless.

  3. rremsiJackson

    yep mine too and I live in farming and produce country.. where all your food comes from.. we get artificial clouding from these almost everyday

  4. SovereignBeing

    urgh.. what an unusually thick trail in an already chemical filled sky… !
    We need to demand answers and get explanations for this..
    Enough is Enough.!
    and perhaps a gas mask in the meantime is not such a bad idea..


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