Chemtrail Overdose 2010

An article appeared in The Telegraph Weekly Newspaper written by Louise Gray,Enviroment Correspondent in The Copenhagen Climate Meeting last year Titled”Only 10 years to save planet,says Met Office”She quotes Jason Lowe head of Mitigation advice at The UK Met Office,He admits and Confirms The Reality of”Geo-engineering”as a means&method of combating”Global Warming”one particular method is Experimenting in producing artificial man-made clouds as a Sun-screen,is this a reference to what is now known as”Chemtrails”?The Whole Global Warming issue has become a Central issue in The World Political arena&Enviromental Science aswell as The Internet&YouTube as many questions&doubts have arisen causing skeptism&reservation of The validity of the whole Global Warming Issue&Climate change which was Enforced by AL Gore”s “Inconvenient Truth”Video:Do these Chemtrails serve another Purpose?Our Investigation Continues in this Contrail-versial Issue:

25 thoughts on “Chemtrail Overdose 2010

  1. Rasengax

    They wanna reduce psychic skills already developed in some human beings, skills that are related with the oxygen in your blood but also linked with new cycle solar rays. These tails -in its dispersion- create a thin shield that it obviously blocks new sun rays you need to activate and modify part of DNA. The Elite don’t want that you change and active this new condition because these psychics -you- will be able to unmask them. These chemtrails are temporals until they consolidate their NWO.

  2. midnitecity

    Chemtrails are being put all over Barcelona, Spain at the moment – would love to know what they’re are up too!

  3. freedomdefender10

    Ogonite is the answer. Google it, or youtube it.

    Restores the environment by utilizing the earth’s natural magnetic field.

    The chemtrails breakdown leaving blue natural sky.

    Wake up, make ORGONITE, it’s so easy!

    Restore the planet.

  4. kkev1n

    @JLaw012 Some situations a theory? is not a guess or conjecture, it is the closest thing science comes to proof. To go any higher (i.e, proof), you’d need to enter the realm of mathematics. Just because something is a theory, doesn’t mean it isn’t true. It’s like saying that 2+x=5, so x must be 3.

  5. JLaw012

    @kkev1n, Could you be any more ambiguous? a bunch of generalizations with no facts which in the end is trying to say “i am so much smarter then you are because i am not sheep being led around”, yea yea the “government lies” no sorry that is false the government is not an person or entity and does not have the ability to lie. See now i caught YOU in a lie.

  6. JLaw012

    @kkev1n, millions of people have wells and who are you talking about when you say “They” is this the masked man behind the curtain pulling the strings excuse? And yes are bodies are like computers if there are harmful/poisonous substances in the air you breath it would easily be detected in your blood stream, or let me guess the doctors are all “in on it” right?.

  7. kkev1n

    @JLaw012 Our bodies are biological computers, we interpret reality through them. When your eyes view something, the image is not made until the electric signal transfers from the eye,? to the brain, then creates an image. If they can alter our drinking water and the air we breathe, we will have a limited tool perceiving reality. Then we are better to serve their hierarchy structure? like free-range cattle,? happily munching on grass blissfully unaware.

  8. Selrahcx

    whats the purpose of chemtrails?? i can’t believe its been so many years and there’s still no report on the news saying what the purpose is, even if its connected to haarp i still don’t get it.

  9. JLaw012

    @batonpatriot, For one thing there would be no logical reason to kill off taxpayers, Secondly if they were doing this you would not be able to find any sort of “contract” that would tie them to it. Thirdly if this were harmful then our lifespans would not be greatly increasing they would be decreasing, that is not the case.

  10. batonpatriot

    @JLaw012 PLEASE LET ME KNOW if you cant find it as YOUTUBE will
    not allow me to give you the address even though it is HERE on their own site!

  11. batonpatriot

    @JLaw012 What makes you sure these are two different things?
    Do you know anything about agent orange we used in VIET NAM
    on our own soldiers but millions of Vietnamese? Check this out here
    on YOUTUBE…

  12. JLaw012

    @batonpatriot, Weather modification is far different then poisoning the population for whatever reason. I am not saying that weather mod does not exist i disagree with the notion that these planes are dumping poisonous chemicals on us to inflict harm.

  13. batonpatriot

    @JLaw012 LOOK THIS UP, YOUTUBE wont let me post the web address
    but this is the ‘OFFICIAL TITLE’ of contract for aerial spraying chemtrails.


  14. LegendBoy101

    That is what my sky looked like in the begining of the video, but it is more covering all you could see is whitness. The chemtrail completely block all of the sky with no opening. It has happen for 3 1/2 days :( I miss my blue sky.

  15. JLaw012

    @theblackmanOyeah. Yes i did state truths. What you inhale threw your lungs goes into your blood stream, this is a scientific fact that you can check up on.
    It is also a statistical and common knowledge that people are living longer now then they were 50 years ago. So you tell how these are not true??

  16. theblackmanOyeah


    you’ve presented nothing of any truth. again, you are not convincing anyone, i don’t know why you continue to try; especially in such a futile manner.

    go ahead and comment back ferociously, as if i will read it. i bet it will make your day to keep projecting onto people that they are crazy and you are the only one sane. if you honestly think breathing in aluminum and barium oxide is good, go right ahead and suck it in. the rest of us have free minds. i’ll be waiting to delete it, GO

  17. JLaw012

    @theblackmanOyeah. I stated facts you made the personal attack, therefore YOU are the one with the anger issue. I am going to go order some more chems to be placed over your house clearly its not working fast enough.


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