Chemtrail Particles – WTF is this!!

Slow-kill poison….Conspiracy Fact…but why. I say why not. it’s a prelude for what 2012 has in store for us….to be vague.

25 thoughts on “Chemtrail Particles – WTF is this!!

  1. jdog091376

    dude don’t even bother with this asshole he’s a government agent trying to cover the shit up. Chemtrails are real just look in the sky that’s not normal you fucking sheep better wake up this is a slow kill. Put a fucking bright light on at night and you can see the shit floating around and it turns colors red, green you will see? strands of webs falling.

  2. IamAlien1000

    I might be funny, but why did you even bother getting involved in this argument? I don’t care much about society, because myself, one individual can’t make a difference. I live a care free life, I don’t restrict myself with societies problems, religion or any silly beliefs.
    Try? it yourself, live care free and it might make you happy!

    Now stop bothering me, I’m done with you too now. I won’t reply anymore, got better things to do :)

  3. Cyberdut

    your funny dude.? You don´t care about the society you live in…. but you put a lot of energy in something you don´t belive in…. why even bother???

  4. IamAlien1000

    You’re totally going off subject and I don’t really care what goes on in? the EU, surveillance and laws and all that. I just live care free, the whole point I started commenting on this was because of LOLtrails.
    I don’t vote and I never have, what ever happens, happens.

  5. Cyberdut

    how is the jobmarket over there? (I´m from Denmark) and your laws, do you belive in the worldmarket as it is? Do you know what is being decided in the EU?, and do you feel as an citizen in EU, that you have any influence at all?? and what about the surveillance, do you feel safer and is it the proper progress??? the reason i ask all of these questions, is that I think that a lot of those people with power, have another agenda than the population want.

  6. Cyberdut

    i´m of another opinion. By looking at what´s happening in the west, middle east and east. have you noticed the powershift ? do you think it´s a coincidence…. most laws are for companys and not for the man in the? society… do you belive in your currency (wall street)??? Politicians, lobbyist and so on???

  7. IamAlien1000

    It’s hard to believe 90% of conspiracy theories. Theories are all they ever? will be, until proven and this cannot be proven.

  8. NYangryguy

    I am in your corner. But you should have referenced what are they spraying. Samples were collected and sent to an independent lab for testing. Alarming levels of Barium, aluminum and strontium where found. The examples you show here are easily discredited as normal things one could expect to find in a air/rain? sample. Like dust, pollen ect. Don’t let the trolls get you down you fight the good fight.

  9. ResearchandLearnMore

    Good job on the video! But People Please, YOU
    They are all over u-tube trying to debunk? all forms
    of facts the powers that be are trying to hide!
    Most often they don’t even have a channel to
    respond to-or they change it daily!
    Stay on track with your research!We know the truth!
    I’ve studied Chemtrails for many years,and there is
    much more involved here than just Chemtrails!
    Keep spreading the word!We’re Running Out Of TIME!
    1,000’S of hrs. devoted to this!


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