Chemtrail Phage on Insect Planet X Nibiru Earth Awakening Pentax K-5

Could the rocks that compose the planet have a life of they`re own, a sort of interplanetary phage and could it be acted on by visiting astral bodies? And if so, you think that`s what`s growing on the bug? Is this another reason for chemtrails? Either the phage, or spraying for the phage? Once you spray crap on people then you can spray all kinds of crap, giddy up… Also the glowing thing by the river, those are sharper with better camera`s I noticed. They are on the old Sumarian glyffs and we drove over 3 passes taking pictures of the ancient rock formations with the new Pentax K-5 and got a bit more then expected. Great camera for shooting out the window of a moving car. Pause it and look close at the rock shapes and some that make you say…What…Is on that bug, and why does it look like rocks??? Added 3 oldies but goodies from the older Mars Orbital Camera and complain about black and white photography in space {to hide stuff we might notice on Earth} Like the disc shapes big and small and triangles that form Earth. All the pictures were taken on wednsday Aug 17 2011 except the mars moc shots from NASA and the Tibet monestery that shows an answer to questions people ask today. That first zoom also shows a baby mountain and the real “Klingon`s” You can see them clinging on the sides and giving faces to the rocks. Too many points of interest to stop at them all pause it alot…:}

2 thoughts on “Chemtrail Phage on Insect Planet X Nibiru Earth Awakening Pentax K-5

  1. EatTheRich2012

    get a camera and try to photograph this lifeform yourself. When you recognize it`s shape you will find it everywhere. It`s a hidden thing like the baby mountain with the “real kling-on`s} there are glyffs with those exact Baby mountains at a big party, on TV the head of Egyption Ancient stuff says “It was bread” and they shaped it that way. That bug reminds me of a nano-tec bug I think I saw in Popular science. Look for future tec spy bug. I think they call it that to COVER UP the rock shapers

  2. MrGuentherRN

    Loved the mtn pics. That is a great camera you have. I commend you for thinking outside the box, however I think you have a weak case trying to associate what is growing on the bug to rocks, much less rock replication. I think what is growing on the bug is fungus nothing to do with rocks. Your thinking is very abstract, so abstract that in point of fact you probably lost 99% of your audience. In closing I have to say, you said what you felt and that is OK.


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