ChemTrail Pilot Admits to _Domestic Terrorism_! Illegal Spraying of Humans – MAKE VIRAL.flv

THIS IS ONLY “ONE EXPERIMENT” on Humans. USA Today: Meet Weather Modification Inc. Source: USA Today – Maria Sudekum Fisher, Associated Press Writer LAKIN, K…

24 thoughts on “ChemTrail Pilot Admits to _Domestic Terrorism_! Illegal Spraying of Humans – MAKE VIRAL.flv

  1. PJ Miller

    This would have been stronger without all the cartoons. It didn’t need them. The content was interesting enough. Thank for investigating the weather modification company, and for posting your results. We all need to start doing more of that to? hold those messing with natural systems, and our health, accountable.

  2. Deathlot

    if its highly toxic and they’ve been spraying this for years then why are we not getting killed by this? if this was made to depopulate then when is the depopulation going to happen? do you seriously think that these pilots would spray this on their own loved ones if it would kill them? the answer is no and there is no hospital patients on record getting sick from these so called chemicals and if there were it would? be in mass numbers and very obvious. use your brains! keep chasing sasquatch!

  3. EndofUSA

    obviously the pilot appeared to be so honest and helpful in giving more information… he made it appear that there were? no top secret motives behind what he is doing… the best ploy to hide what must remain hidden.

  4. EndofUSA

    people? get our of your rooms, shut your computer off, stop watching you tube, DO SOMETHING ABOUT THESE MASS MURDERS… NOW!!!

  5. CaptainFluffen

    They dont spray chemicals. Silver iodine is used in CLOUD SEEDING by attaching flares? that burn and emit silver iodine which the pilot says. He has nothing to hide because there is no chemtrail mumbo jumbo about that shit.

  6. wukilla11

    lets do something about? this instead of typing stop chemtrails tjt why we can over thro the government its perfectly legal since were living in a tyranny government lets start a militia cause this world as we know it will ne gone for our next generation

  7. Anthony Barrett


  8. Parikeltias

    A Global March against? Chemtrails? and Geoengineering.
    htt p s://ww? w.face m/ GlobalMarchAga instChemtrailsA ndGeoengineering

  9. danstrayer111

    Not one person, anywhere at any time, who believes this crap… is aware that: burning jet fuel produces water as a waste product, which freezes in a -40 atmosphere. I have even met people who don’t? know it is cold at 30,000 feet. Full-on ignorance.

  10. MisterBaAcKiTcH

    … yes, fair enough ,,,, it’s certainly better than nothing.

    These poisonous chemical dumps are real, and they are affecting everybody, although only a small proportion of everybody (almost nobody) is? aware …

    … thanks …

  11. MrMet7797

    Just a suggestion from someone who is happy others are trying to get the word out.

    Make your videos? a bit more professional. The mainstream public will not take you seriously regardless of your message if it’s packaged in such a way.

    Instead of cute fonts and popups, just use subtitles and let the guy’s words speak for themselves.

    Also, no one wants to watch your fingernail for half a min.

  12. scott johnson

    when I lived in California I always saw? a white trail leaving behind planes, I just thought it was normal until I saw what normal planes do in North Carolina.

  13. BornAgainMan

    satan god US, were all extra dimensional being of consciousness, were just on the level, The third? dimension, all of the signs of the end are currently playing out today! if you want a truly awakening experience, just hollar at me. i can wake u up like never before. Ive done it to almost everyone iv been in contact with. sub my channel if you like.

  14. BornAgainMan

    brother no offense, but if you see chemtrails are real. research the illuminati and bohemian grove etc. our leaders work for satan, all celebs sold their souls to satan, the proof is out there. I was atheist at one time, but while studying all that and all the ancient prophecy, god is real. I realize the bible has been manipulated to control? the masses BUT a creator is real. and alot is about to come to the world in our very very near future. the truth exists if you ask god for it he WILL show u

  15. JodiJWay54

    this is an amazing video/God help us/ large corp and greed/ no concern for life / fish dying/ birds falling out of the air/ how do we? STOP this??

  16. neweyes777

    cont these individuals walk past a mirror, they have to stop and look at themselves! They will never stop participating in what they think is for the greater good! Greed and power run their lives! They think they are wise becoming fools as Christ told us in his word! We need those in this wickedness to repent and bring out the info we need to give to Drs! They have very little time left to be forgiven by the creator! How sad they? are indeed, they have an eternity to face what they did here!

  17. neweyes777

    Finally, a real man! Loved it how u use these peoples egos and arrogance against them! It was in the past and in the present time period we live in, narcicism, a trait that evil men possess! They loved to have their egos stroked! Even if there may be danger of being caught in a criminal act, they will talk, if it makes them feel like? they are special and somehow better because they have knowledge above yours! Also they think they are more handsome, this is noted by watching


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