ChemTrail Pilot Admits to Domestic Terrorism! Illegal Spraying of Humans – Please Share

Originally Uploaded by 2010TheCountdown on Jun 18, 2011 Secret hiddencam conversation with a CHEMTRAIL PILOT POISONS IN OUR AIR http THIS IS ONLY “ONE EXPERIMENT” on Humans. USA Today: Meet Weather Modification Inc. Source: USA Today – Maria Sudekum Fisher, Associated Press Writer LAKIN, Kan. — Water is prized in western Kansas, where aquifers are suffering and farms are miles wide and generations deep; a scant half inch of rain can mean the difference between a successful season and a failed one. But when it comes in the form of fist-sized balls of ice known as hail, water’s more than a menace. It can damage and even destroy crops. That’s where the Western Kansas Weather Modification Program and other cloud-seeding operations across the western US come in. The WKWMP is among about 10 programs that tinker with the weather — either by trying to cut the size of hail or boost rainfall and snowpack. They do it largely by shooting up storm clouds with silver iodide or dry ice mixtures. Other countries also have used or considered using weather modification. The United Arab Emirates has investigated cloud seeding to help increase rainfall. China has announced plans to use cloud seeding to manage rainfall during the 2008 Olympics, and Indonesia has used it to try to fight fires. Cloud seeding has a host of critics, from those who say there is no good science to support claims that it works

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