Chemtrail Pilot makes crazy turn. WHO IS IN OUR AIR SPACE.wmv

Fighting Ignorance is one thing! People CAN be educated but Denial & Complacency are Traps. Frankly, I am appalled by the levels of ALL the aforementioned. Oh, some DO know however many more are absolutely clueless. Well – I intend to DO something about that. As Native Son & lifelong resident of the City co-founded by THE Patriarch of my Family & Patriot of The American Revolutionary War (at 16 years old) & ALL the Men in my Family who fought for this Nation (his descendants; my Ancestors), everyone here knows me. I have the priviledge of knowing Judges, attorneys, Law Enforcement, Congressmen, State and US Senators, Doctors, Biologists & Micro Biologists on 1st Name basis. To state that I am PROUD of my Family History would be an understatement. I represent my Family well by being a man of my Word & Integrity. I BELIEVE in Sworn Solemn Oaths and DO NOT TAKE KINDLY to anyone I KNOW to be spewing falsehoods as seems to be the norm these days in Washington DC At any rate this video certainly is NOT about me! It’s about a Crime so insidious that it has yet to be fully comprehended by the Majority of trusting Americans. In videos to come I WILL devulge all I have verified because it IS that important. Watching innocent people harmed & dying, giving Birth to children with “problems”, IS NOT AT ALL ACCEPTABLE TO ME. Enjoy the short clip and DO drop back by because I have a lot of truthful information you ALL really should be aware of. Peace to all friends & subscribers. Bulldog

25 thoughts on “Chemtrail Pilot makes crazy turn. WHO IS IN OUR AIR SPACE.wmv

  1. martimmy7

    It is good to have a sense of humor when? you keep seeing these chemtrails in the sky day after day.

  2. ctwatcher

    I believe the only enemies of the uSA are those in the District of Criminals! Seems all high ranking officials are in on it.
    CO weatherman: I’m not sure if we’ll get rain or snow from these “persistant contrails” that turn into cirrus clouds? or maybe we won’t get any weather. Let me call the AF and ask them what chemicals are being used today. Their lies make me ill.

  3. alaric63

    forgot his lunch…. that’s a good one!…
    well, I should have known you’d be open to suggestion…lol…
    I’ll tell? you, sometimes.. you try to ‘notice’ something on somebodies video,
    holy shit! they get all hostile…..


  4. SuperDeltaBravo1

    Thank you. I understand but FWIW this is one of very few I’ve personally seen bend that way. No? need for apologies. Point made & a good one at that!

  5. SuperDeltaBravo1

    I think some? are ignorant to the truth & don’t want to know while some are in serious denial, As a society we have come to be NUMB to numbers & catastrophes – as you say – till it happens to them!
    Peace Bro,
    Bulldog ~

  6. SuperDeltaBravo1

    Who DO YOU think you are? ARE YOU THREATENING ME? SO – you THINK you know me & what I’m all about? OBVIOUSLY you don’t! If you DID you’d know I started this channel to cover the BP debacle cause I live QUITE NEAR The Gulf of Mexico &? witnessed EVERYTHING – killing indigenous Life forms, introducing Synthetic Genomes & destroying our ways of life along w TRASHING OUR GULF! Go BACK to the beginning & you’ll find a load of videos about BP’s “accident”! You had best check yourself B4 U come round me

  7. alaric63

    Well, you sure live in a nice area, quiet as a church, no?

    I am sure they are up to no good up there, in god only knows how many ways, and those are chem trails up there in your video.
    I do want to mention something. Now, I don’t know if the guy in that plane is drunk or what, but it would be good to remember that the wind moves at different speeds in diff. areas, and those trails get bent around like? that too.
    Just so you know, :]

    trust me, it’s an observation, not a debunk attempt!

  8. SuperDeltaBravo1

    Art III Sec 3 US Constitution – Treason punishable by Death by Hanging. Some high ranking Official needs to follow protocol especially being NDAA has passed and yet another I haven’t yet memorized (maybe HR347) and the Executive Order drawn up on 3/16/2012. I have it saved. I GUARANTEE that if bodies start swinging from trees A LOT of this? BS will stop in very short order. Bare in mind that THEY broke the Law – not us! WE are not the enemy of The United States. Plenty in DC R killing our Nation

  9. ctwatcher

    They wouldn’t know truth if it hit them right between the eyes! Tried and hung for treason!? I don’t even recognize my family and friends let alone America!
    More like a nightmare than a bad dream.
    Where are the true men of honor? Not in any govt office that’s for sure!

  10. SuperDeltaBravo1

    Just since 12-31-11, look at all the controverial, sneaky actions. This person has NO BUSINESS being in Office.? Gen Andrews & Sec Dept of Defense Panetta have betrayed public trust with their own words. This is so like a bad dream. I am proud of my ancestry & I’ve done no wrong by speaking Truth – something NONE of these individuals know how to do. How pathetic & disgraceful. True men of Honor need to step up and have them all tried for Treason. I don’t recognize America anymore. How SAD!!

  11. SuperDeltaBravo1

    I could NOT agree MORE! We must start walking in HUGE Numbers but within the Law. It is NEVER my intent to incite (sp?) violence or anything unlawful. Au contraire, I say as my Dad used to DRILL ME EVERYDAY, “LEARN THE LAW” & “The Pen is way mightier than the sword. Barry O has been outted for what he IS & as such he could face criminal charges. I don’t wish Ill on anyone but? Karma will be his Judge. He knows the Truth as I am sure many around him do. His deeds are catching up to him. C’est tout

  12. ctwatcher

    The corporation has been out of control for many decades. So much evil going around. Eric/Erik Prince of Blackwater Hall of Fame? can create a private army and all is great. The people try and speak up and we are put on mute.
    I have a feeling the next big ‘event’ will be CO fires as govt has let beetle kill go on and on until one spark will be all it takes to destroy the best part of this state. Started by the federal govt forestry dept.

  13. SuperDeltaBravo1

    Everyone should create a call list beginning with News paper & local Radio & News channels then move? toward your municipal govts, then State then to the top including all on the chain of command – EPA, DEQ, NOAA, Air Traffic controllers, Lt Governors, State AGs, Governors – everyone you can think of. Then move up the chain to Panetta & then the POTUS. This should be considered acts of Terrorism. I found much info including Nat Institute of Health (Library) & will post a vid. PROTEST & BE HEARD!

  14. SuperDeltaBravo1

    Hiya Diamond. It’s a pleasure. You’ve come to the right place for solid information. I? and several good people are all working to end this insanity & hold responsible all guilty of this most heinous crime. Please view some of my other vids, especially the ones regarding the Red Wine Test.
    Thanx again & God Bless you & your children during these most trying times.

  15. MAN2011ism

    COMMENT OF THE WEEK HERE!!!!!!! Thank you LadyEndGame! Summing this thing up in the meager space CIATube allows is no easy task. Well? Done.

  16. SuperDeltaBravo1

    Hi LadyEndGame. Send me an email and I’ll get back with you ASAP. I have some errands to run but will? be back on later. I hope you are doing better. Hang in there! I think I’ve found someone that can help us all.

  17. SuperDeltaBravo1

    Good Day Manny.? I know what you are dealing with & my heart goes out to you as it does to all my friends here. The human spirit soars & is what gets us thru such issues. Together we WILL have our day & will SEE these criminals reap their just rewards. To poison human beings does not set well with me. The Patriarch of my family migrated here from Spain having obtained a land grant from the King of Spain before 1776. My Family coat of Arms is very impressive. I owe Britain & “elite” NOTHING! Peace


    they took serve? and protect off of everything here at least a few years back…the coorporation is out of control

  19. WheepingWillow2

    I think it is because WE who see and attempt our darnedest to wake others, cannot conceive of doing such inhumane things to others. My pinion is these THINGS have no conscience, no heart, no feelings, no compassion. Totally inhuman. We are the LIGHT not having the ability to perceive such evil, whereby they (principalities of darkness) literally HATE? us. No conscience, no emotion, no PROBLEM!

  20. ctwatcher

    I went to local police chief and he said, “are they still doing that?” So much for serving and protecting. My district official believes fluoride is good for us. I am proud to be non-violent but there are days! On Colorado Water Board they give grants for weather mod. A man named Joe Busto has phone # to call. I called him years ago and he was worried about all the silver oxide used over 50 yrs without impact study. All nannies of the people? must be fired! They are killing us!

  21. WheepingWillow2

    @SuperDeltaBravo1 I’m beginning to suspect these are not humans doing this, but? rather demons!

  22. blueangel528hz

    I know The EVIL DEVILS are having fun Spraying UTAH Today and Yesterday? Sky,s are insane with Chem-Trails Here.


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