Chemtrail Pilots SPRAYING BLOOD Cause Face to Face Near Mid-Air Collisions !!!

FOR THOSE THAT DONT KNOW PLEASE RESEARCH CHEMTRAILS! TTA = Tesla Tech Array This is why the FAA is supposed to al…

24 thoughts on “Chemtrail Pilots SPRAYING BLOOD Cause Face to Face Near Mid-Air Collisions !!!

  1. xzevious69

    Its water vapor probably? instantly freezing coming out if the engines. Why would they spray chems out of the engines and the red trails are red because of the sunset or rise

  2. mohamed77224

    The planes appear close but they aren’t actually,they are at a? minimum separation of 2000 ft that’s y they didn’t collide, if they wer on a collision coarse the pilots would b screaming like hell and/ or turn the plane violently

  3. Regis Felipe

    I think I managed to shoot a chemtrail plane in Brazil, check out this? video here:



  4. markjjblackops

    If you’ve ever been in a plane before (doesn’t seem like you have), it is common for other aircraft to be close to you. Minimum separation at Cruising is 3nm horizontally and 1,000 feet vertically, which seems a lot less than it is when you are that high? up with nothing to compare it to. These planes were never on a collision course.

  5. alexis Rosario

    Where i live i see these trails every single day and theyre beggining to be? alot more than usual like from 2009 till now i see alot its everysingle day i see these sometimes at am times one time i woke up because i had a dream that i was burning in hell it was like about 4am so i went outside to relax then i look up at the sky i see about four pines then another two a couple kiles near them does anyone know what does chem trails have

  6. alexis Rosario

    Not to be mean but everything has a porpuse god will? allow this tto continue because of the sin in the world doesnt matter how much you pray he will allow it to happen and his wrath is coming soon but remember this he will protect his people no matter what

  7. telemetry9

    this is what i see in the skies above me. but not today? – today the skies are clear.
    It just reminded me of how the skies should look. I hope and pray we get more clear skies tomorrow.
    With God’s grace – this horror will stop. I ask all those who have faith in God and Christ to pray to end this evil against us.
    A little prayer doesn’t take much effort – even if you don’t believe. Try faith. The choices are yours.
    I think people convinced themselves that evil was an illusion but it isn’t.

  8. o0Manfi0o

    I’d rather support a “NWO” than this ridiculous theory.
    Step 1 Look in the sky and at planes
    Step 2 Go bananas on the white trails they leave behind
    Step 3 Use your not existant knowlege of physics and meteorology to? prove it can’t be contrails
    Step 4 Accuse everyone who doesn’t believe in it as “blind” or “ignorant”
    Step 5 Congratulations!! Be proud of yourself you are now an approved genious. Your job is it to show youtube videos to everyone so we all can see how right and smart you are

  9. Brook Mueller

    Those are all passenger airlines, on assigned? altitudes and headings. 1000 foot altitude separation is standard in the modern air traffic control system due to the amounts of traffic in the sky. Do some research, learn a little, be less afraid, quite spreading false information, and go live a happy life, you owe it to yourself.

  10. FlyingAtheist

    You are all uneducated morons. Your kind isn’t worth educating. its a shame there isn’t a NWO t working to exterminate people? polluting the internet with fear and ignorance.

  11. Znobyrd

    If air traffic control? doesn’t know about these planes, it looks like they’ve lost control of air traffic.

  12. johnyweka

    been? happening since 1975. first patents issued in late 60’s. how else are nano particles of aluminium and barium and recumbent dna and r n a contaminating water supplies and found in rain ?shake your self awake:)

  13. John Graf

    I hear you loud and clear. There is a global march against the chemtrails worldwide on Aug 29th. Maybe that? will wake many of the sleeping sheep. I feel your anger and pain.

  14. Michael Garner

    et?? d???im ava??abhya
    na???tm?no ‘lpa-buddhaya?
    prabhavanty ugra-karm??a?
    k?ay?ya jagato ‘hit??

    Following such conclusions, the demoniac, who are lost to themselves and who have no intelligence, engage in unbeneficial, horrible? works meant to destroy the world.

  15. Dean F

    I say we just line everyone responsible? for this up on a runway somewhere remote, and just dump this crap on them.

  16. Tarten46

    Does anyone see your point? Yes, I do. Your a douche bag. Take your 4th grade ‘science of contrail’ and take a hike. Only a? retard would buy into your bull shit. Contrails dont have this non evaporating hang time. 0:11- 0:59 are perfect examples of what isnt normal. Thats well over 1000mph nose to nose closure speed. At that speed the ‘Contrail’ of the aircraft coming towards the camera should only be visible for a couple of seconds then it should have become invisible because of evaporation

  17. 6Texasboi

    I live out here by PDX and all day these planes have been making lines lately….I check up online flight radars and none of them are commercial planes, let alone do any of the radars show these planes anywhere? near where i’m looking at them in the sky.


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