chemtrail Plane geo engineering Cambridgeshire England

Chemtrail plane has been very busy today , filmed with my new tripod that I am still learning to use so sorry its shaky , so blatantly obvious when he stops dropping the juice, then I zoomed out and got lost , This was directly over Huntingdon CAMBS UK, Peace out to all my brothers and sisters out there!!! Filmed with a Panasonic SDR-S26 Camera which is not HD

2 thoughts on “chemtrail Plane geo engineering Cambridgeshire England

  1. gsw999

    whatever dude! what about my right not to breath aluminium particles all day long? whilst Im going about my peaceful business in my garden?

  2. das664

    you wouldnt? have worried about these contrails as heavy bombers went over your head to bomb germany 60 plus years ago to preserve your right to witness such things !!!


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