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22 thoughts on “CHEMTRAIL PLANE INTERIORS! – watch in HD

  1. StratMatt777

    What makes more sense?
    20 flights to drop a little bit of retardant on a fire in a small airplane or one flight in a 747 to put out a large fire quickly?

    Who told you that large aircraft cannot fly low?
    Anything can fly low. If there is a hill at the end of your low pass you just have to pull up far enough in advance if you are flying a large aircraft.
    Is this low enough for you? This 180′ long DC-10 is 3/4? the size of a 231′ long747.

  2. StratMatt777

    Yes. It could be any liquid that is heavy.
    It just has to be a liquid heavy enough to simulate various configurations of passenger loadings so they? can do flight testing at the edge of the allowable CG envelope to make sure the airplane behaves properly during stall and all other phases of flight. They elevator & stabilizer have to have sufficient pitching authority at extreme CGs (especially during takeoff/landing).
    I know two Boeing engineers and have been interested in aviation for decades.

  3. StratMatt777

    In case you missed it he fully admitted his style of reasoning- here’s what he said, “…my own? assumption…”

    Ahhh yes… a belief + confirmation bias= delusion

    Fun times!


  4. John Sebastian

    chemtrails are real – geoengineering is real so is monsanto and all the other american corporations trying to take control – they put palm oil in our food and fluoride in our water and spray chemicals to control the weather and do other things – im well aware of what greed does to people and that money and power is the god of the many selfish controlling manipulative pigs that rule? this world – i just want you to know – your not pulling the wool over my fucking eyes mate

  5. exposethebunk

    What? level of “electronic gadgetry” do you “think” is needed for the dispersal of water from a plane?

    A rope and a trap door…??

    Explain what you “seriously – “think” …

  6. LoveVanillaRose

    Does anyone? seriously think all this tank rigging, electronic gadgetry and computer control systems is just for water????

  7. exposethebunk

    Maybe you should provide evidence which shows that “chemicals” from plane trails are “contaminating” water and “settling” on the ground..?

    You? should explain your collection methods.

    Or you could stop repeating the same ignorant claims and educate yourself?

  8. anglinthemtns

    When we get paid well, most people wish to keep their jobs. Not sure why these chemicals are settling in ground and contaminated water but maybe you out to consider getting either a microbiology, chemistry or biology degree before acting like? god. Cheers!

  9. exposethebunk

    You are attempting to confuse these 2 quite separate and distinct “spraying” methods.

    1) Cloud seeding operates at low altitudes inside clouds (mostly) leaves no trail, is openly? practiced – not “secret”.

    2) What people generally refer to when they discuss “chemtrails” are the white trails left by commercial airliners at +30,000ft. These are ordinary well documented and explained persistent contrails which look NOTHING like any cloud seeding operation anywhere in the world, ever.


  10. coopdarothchild

    This video is hilarious coverin some serious tracks.. Evergreen holds contracts for the largest geo engineered? sectors. They also have contracts with government for firefighting

  11. chrisstokes1312

    exposethebunk. I think you try driscredit people using silly little things that make u sound stupid cloudseeding is chemtrailing airports get rid of hail and fog and governments spray it all over the world i think? my own assumption from my own reasearch its to reflect deadly uv rays back out to space they are trying to cover up global warming.theres a lot of conspiracy theories about it that only helps the cover up. sorry but they are real why dont you do some proper reasearch step out the box.

  12. exposethebunk

    Chris -? are you implying that cloud seeding in any way resembles contrails? If you are then you really need to do some basic research.

    Cloud seeding is real, not new, and not secret. But it’s not what “chemtrails” are claimed to be. It’s done into existing clouds (not across open skies), it’s not done at jet cruising altitudes, and it doesn’t leave persistent visible trails across the sky.

    Try again Chris…


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