Chemtrail plane landing manoevre 23.08.09

Catched a Lufthansa Chemtrail plane preparing for landing manoevre on Vienna Airport. This plane looked like a bomb, fully weaponized with chem-valves, witho…

25 thoughts on “Chemtrail plane landing manoevre 23.08.09

  1. Sigmund Freud

    doch hierbei handelt es sich leider um die BAe 146 Lufthansa D-AVRG
    “Jumbolino” googelt einfach mal das oder einfach schlicht jumbolino
    lufthansa —und sagt mir was ihr davon hält…. und wie gesagt chemtrails
    gibt es 100 pro -ich kenn mich nämlich bissl aus hehe

  2. changethecurrent

    Is this the E4-b AKA doomsday planes they are using to spray the
    atmosphere? These jets where built by for the military and are known to fly
    at impossible altitudes. .

  3. stars15k

    Science doesn’t cover chemtrails because they do not exist. It’s contrails
    you see, caused by the condensation of the exhaust from a jet engine.
    Science covers this exhaustively. From many disciplines, all angles, and
    each finding supports the next. It’s not science to ignore past thinking,
    when the past thinking was based on the same scientific principles as are
    still making the world spin today. The first forecasting and persistence of
    contrails was published in 1953.

  4. RoninHawk

    Uhhhh….No That is a British Aerospace Avro 146. It has been in airline
    service for decades and there is nothing abnormal about it. The “belly
    tanks”, dumbass, are actually the landing gear bays. Stop being stupid –
    Get educated.

  5. eslSlightz

    Ja, ich hatte dir mehrfach eines angeboten, damit wir deine aufgenommen
    Phänomene bzw. die angeblichen Sprühaktivitäten besprechen können. Leider
    hast du meine Kommentare ja gelöscht.

  6. stars15k

    And Otzi? He would have known that a cirrus clouds usually are followed by
    rain in two days, that altocumulus clouds show rain tomorrow, that a red
    sky at night, meant there would be fair weather, a red sky in the morning
    meant weather would become inclement. He knew that clouds move sometimes
    counter to the wind felt on the ground. He knew that not all rain fell to
    earth. He knew more about weather than most “chem” believers do today. And
    his sky reading works the same today.

  7. stars15k

    This study is still used today as it was valid then and valid now. It’s not
    that it is or is not a different perspective, it’s accepting what has been,
    is, and will be proven to be governed by the same principles. There is
    nothing found “new” about the dynamics of the formation of a contrail. Our
    thinking has expanded as we have now better, more accurate ways of
    measuring and quantifying the process. Where is there anything approaching
    science in a “chemtrail”? Facts? Proofs? Anything?

  8. pauline404

    danke. jetzt habe ich den Kommentar gesehen. Von welchem Gespräch anbieten
    sprichst du eigentlich? Meinst du mich?

  9. Silberhorter

    hope you 2 dont make the fallacy of composition thinking that “chemtrail
    planes” do not exist at all. You would probably only conclude in such an
    unrational manner in case your concious awareness is that of a primitive
    “”human”” being which is not able to take notice of the manmade deformation
    of our frimament. Anyway, thanks for the identification. Lufthansa is
    involved in chemtrail activity, google “Chemtrails Lufthansa” and watch the
    first photo. Scientifics is history. Humanity is all.

  10. Silberhorter

    yeah, thanks, already know that this plane was no genuine Chemtrail plane.
    But Lufthansa is involved in spraying activity. Check out google image
    “tragflaechensprueher-2.jpg” and click on first image…

  11. TheHolySpirit

    Do a google image search for “airliners 1561639.jpg” and you’ll see the
    wing design that makes this plane look odd.

  12. GeorgeAlexanderOz

    Whatever, but the painting on the vertical tail does not look like
    Lufthansa, except there is a strong color aberration in the clip. The
    Lufthansa logo is a ochre circle with a stylized blue crane bird. Maybe the
    logo is a fake too.

  13. pauline404

    Sag mal, von was redest du? Wie kommst du darauf, dass ich deine Kommentare
    gelöscht habe? Ich glaube du verwechselst mich.

  14. SPYK3O

    My god either all the worlds governments are so crazy they spray themselves
    with toxic chemicals or there are a few people who are so crazy they made
    it up.

  15. Sigmund Freud

    zuvor: ich glaube an die chemtrails aber-irgedwie sieht sie aus wie ne
    jumbolino ein jumbolino hat eben vier triebwerke, ein hohe
    fahrweksabdeckung (wölbung) und 6 sogenannte winglets die zur
    stabilisierung da sind -die fenster einer jumbolino sind teils in der luft
    schwer zu endecken, da die flügel oberhalb der fenster angebracht und diese
    von den flügeln in der luft überdeckt werden -außerdem ist eine
    flugnummer-beschriftung am hinterem ende zu erkennen……….weiter
    nächster post

  16. stars15k

    No, just a lot of misunderstanding of the workings of the atmosphere,
    weather, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, chemistry……science cannot
    support something without some basis in fact. Sure, you can speculate, but
    you still need to test. Any tests of a “chemtrail” in situ? Any explanation
    of the dynamics and quantities needed to produce even one of the trails on
    video here? There is no proof, no facts, nothing solid. I know, I’ve
    looked. I choose science, not “theory”, as my reality.


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