Chemtrail plane up close

white four engine plane with no ID markings;landing at Castle air base in Atwater Calif.;video taped in Merced Calif.

25 thoughts on “Chemtrail plane up close

  1. vanutra

    I’d like to take a note of all the names of the people who think this is
    rubbish and laugh at us… and when it finally comes out that it’s true,
    just message you all up individually and laugh at you (I already am but
    this time you’ll KNOW it :)) That will be funny :) Stupid, blind people. I
    Pity you. It must be awful to always think inside the box and believe
    everything you’re told by your governments, scientists without any question.

  2. rckid0814

    so true, most medias are extremely liberal biased, and many times
    influences by elitists to push their ideas into the heads of people brought
    up in a world where they cant think for themselves. chemtrails are real,
    look at any other video of chemtrails, and compare it to contrails, huge

  3. ododidit

    @MyOwnWorldMegan investigate and you will find the answers my friend, dont
    expect people to do all the leg work and hand you the answers.

  4. Timbola2101

    It appears to be a variant of the Boeing 707, used a multipurpose platform
    by the USAF or NASA. Although I am not 100% on this, I can clearly see the
    twin-tandem landing gear and the lack of flap-hinges (rules out an A340).
    If you know better, please provide a productive response.

  5. thankgodthatsover

    @whitelion303 How dare you apply logic! They COULDN’T fly a B-52 (not that
    this is a B-52) at 10 feet so they have to send it up to the mid-30’s and
    release chemicals from there, hoping that the winds will drop it on the
    people, not several hundred miles downwind from them! As for why they don’t
    just do it at night if they’re up to no good, well, you won’t get anyone
    that believes in all this tosh telling you that any time soon.

  6. jadrummer110

    @jdisnow Doesn’t mean they can float and grow all damn day though. Nope.
    They have to eveaporate as fast as the trails from human mouths in the cold

  7. Riiccko

    @MyOwnWorldMegan If one person has enough money they can do whatever they
    like for whatever reason. Your asking the right questions.

  8. bob sanders

    The upper winds at that hight are too unpredictable for application of ANY
    kind to be used. Watch a crop duster next time you have a chance. They fly
    less than ten feet above a field. I don’t think I’m crazy to assume that a
    B-52 buzzing EVERYTHING would be a tad more noticible.

  9. GoldenRider1

    @MyOwnWorldMegan They want you to be sick so you can buy their medacine.
    “They” are govt officials that own shares in drug companies.

  10. lesperancager

    @MyOwnWorldMegan This is NOT a B52! B52 has 4 double engines, a thinner
    fuselage and by the way…. its a HIGH WING aircraft XD. In the video, you
    can see a low wing aircraft. Unless I am mistaken, it could be a 707 or
    K135, maybe its a DC-8 I aaaand dont think its an Airbus….. But I dont
    really know…. what I know for sure: This is not a B52 😉 By the way:
    ´They` are stupid inside jobbers…they dont know, what they are
    doing…just one possibility. Im not a fan of conspiracy theories, too

  11. Dick Holman

    Fun as well. :) It keeps this pensioner happy, & gives the stupids
    something to do! Think of us as unpaid therapists. :)

  12. john doe

    @MyOwnWorldMegan who says “they” even know what they are being told to
    spray? 100,000+ people worked on the manhattan project, and thanks to a
    little thing called compartmentalization nobody even knew they were
    building the A-bomb. And if you’re right about the solar cycle, why not
    tell us? why just cake us with aluminum and barium which we already know
    are toxic to human and natural life? you’re saying its ok that they kill us
    because we might die anyway? i think not.

  13. wesmatron

    @YouKnowIAmRight Is that how you label everyone who doesn’t share your
    opinion. Don’t you think it’s dangerous to have a belief and then rubbish
    the opinion of everyone who disagrees? Firstly that doesn’t help back-up
    your claims. Secondly it makes it sound like a crazy religion. Why don’t
    you accept contrary opinions then refute them with evidence to the
    contrary? That’s do your cause much more good.


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