Chemtrail Planes are NOT REAL, they are UFOs

I was checking out the chemtrail videos just now, and NO COMMENTS were being allowed! What if we could no longer comment on each other’s videos? Let’s all stay in touch and let’s get to the bottom of this very important issue!

25 thoughts on “Chemtrail Planes are NOT REAL, they are UFOs

  1. thepofmeister

    @ella5024 well my mind is never completely closed to anything, but my gut doesn’t tell me anything forceful here. i will review and research. thanks sweetie.

  2. ella5024

    @thepofmeister It is not a belief. Thinking that the government is poisoning you is so much more delusional than what I am saying! They’ve been doing this for years! We’d already be dead! Read about programmed bioplasma! How do you think chemtrails and HAARP are connected? I am right Honey! Look at Fake Plane’s videos, too. These things did 9/11 too!

  3. thepofmeister

    @thepofmeister – well look you have a very strong belief here ~ almost a faith, and i don’t wan’t to knock you or it, if it it’s close to you ~ buuut, it’s not my belief. i stand by my original statement, but would like to know, what personally convinced you with such conviction? for all i know, you might be right! gee, i wish you were…

  4. thepofmeister

    @ella5024 …nowthen, that i HAVE seen… orbs, doing that… you think they are one and the same ~ and i can’t prove otherwise, but i personally don’t agree. i think?!?! : )

  5. ella5024

    @thepofmeister Nuclear Fallout is also Barium and Strontium, so maybe this type of energy also degrades into the same thing? Project Cloverleaf is a bunch of hooey, and this is NOT a depopulation program. They are ION clouds that are used like wires in the sky. It’s a false ionosphere. There are NO REAL CHEMTRAIL PLANES! Show me video of a real one that isn’t some slick thing that was made at NASA!

  6. thepofmeister

    well, i suspended disbelief, watched it, and don’t believe in this explanation. maaaaybe, some are …ufo/unexplained, but not all. and the content of the chemtrails have been analyzed… it’s actually called project cloverleaf, an it’s the depopulation program…

  7. ella5024

    @koronskz The people who I know are involved in my targeting are involved in things like “Stargate”, the Occult, Intelligence activities, and bioplasma/genetic research. They could be programmed bioplasma entities. They could be created by humans, but I think it’s more like they are re-created, or duplicated by humans.

  8. koronskz

    @ella5024 very interesting, personnally i don’t think those technologies are from a non-human intelligence but it is clear that those who use it have an access to a sort of “superior” knowledge…

  9. ella5024

    @MsKymmi Yes, they do the same thing to a lot of us. If you pay any attention to the sky, they will interact with you. It’s something like quantum physics and things not being there unless you look. We have to find a way to close the portals and get rid of them.

  10. MsKymmi

    Everytime I walk outside a fake plane shows up and sometimes numerous ones show up. Alot of them flying so low that I can see the glowing orb with my own eyes. It’s like they know when I’m looking and they show up. At night I see alot of strange lights in the sky. Last night there was only one star in the sky and I watched it for over an hour or 2 and that thing very slowly moved across the sky and then was gone! I’ve see clouds disappear and reapear. It’s disturbing what’s going on in our sky.

  11. ella5024

    @justeroniehh The answer is that the technology is old. It’s older than humanity. It’s something we don’t clearly understand yet, but they are here and they are communicating with many people. How did we build the pyramids without the understanding of complex mathematics? Voices….like Nicola Tesla heard….like many people hear now who are not really mentally ill….like pilots in WWII heard from the “Foo Fighters”. They are intelligent entities that are here with us now, and we hear them too.

  12. justeroniehh

    @koronskz if they can completely change their appearance to that of a plane, surely they have the technology to recreate the noise of a jet engine. I’ve even seen them recreate a reciprocating engine, I am a private pilot and the plane was 500 feet above me at night and I could not see any part of the plane but the lights, the engine could have convinced people not familiar with plane engines, but what I saw and heard was not anything I’ve ever seen.

  13. ella5024

    @traitorsbeware I know, his videos helped me to realize it, and then I was able to go back through my own footage and see that I have the same thing already on video. It goes far beyond planes, though. They can be cars, birds, people, boats…anything really.

  14. slobomotion

    I sub you but have not been getting videos from you for some time. I found this by chance. Also, my second channel, I cannot gain access to any of the messages. Very annoying. I spent yesterday reading a book. I understand there are glitches but I am tired of it and sticking to my plan of going off YT in Feb. My best to you.


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