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  1. JSRS01

    Please. Continue to “add to your bank accounts”. I love watching inflation destroy mindless zombies life savings. It’s? quite satisfying.

  2. phrog46crewmmaf

    Well loser, just keep looking at the sky and continue to be scared of a little water vapor up there. Sooner or later, that worry will? give you that stroke and the gene pool will get a little cleaner. Meanwhile, I’ll continue to add to my bank accounts from my government contracts (oh yea loser, thanks for the raises, 20% was nice of you). The family and I will enjoy the vacation you paid for! Well, keep chasing those conspiracy webs….thanks for the ip to follow. Ta Ta.

  3. JSRS01

    You have serious problems.

    1.I own my house, I don’t live in my mother’s basement.
    2.The government created the #1 boogyman..Al-qaeda or should I say Al-CIA-da
    3.I have a? wife.
    4.I don’t care about you, or what you do.
    5.I know how to survive on my own.

    Your grammar and reasoning is atrocious. Kill yourself. Seriously.

  4. phrog46crewmmaf

    beats being a sniviling little coward? hiding im mommy’s basement, talking to other losers like yourself about all the “boogymen” under the bed…….you’ll never understand the work fu*k, cause you’ll never leave home to experience it!!!!!! I never worry about losers like you stopping me from doing anything, cause you’re unable to do anything for yourself……At least I’ve seen the world and learned how to survive on my own, now run along, mommy is call you to supper….

  5. oldducatim900

    The title says CHEMTRAIL PLANES VERY CLOSE that was not close at all. it? was 30,000 feet away. how is that close.

  6. JSRS01

    Thanks? for proving government only attract psychopaths. Fuck you and fuck the state.

    By the way, you can’t eat gold. But don’t let me stop you from trying.

  7. phrog46crewmmaf

    well, too bad for you, but I have? been putting gold away for years and they supply me with a lot of weapons & ammo, not to mention the ones I collected out of the country. I work for the government and they pay me a lot of money to do what I do, hunting down losers liker yourself and your idiot friends……’ll never know when, but one day, knock, knock! LOL Do yourself a favor…go in the closet, put a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger, you’ll feel better about things.

  8. JSRS01

    Actually it’s the government and mainstream media pushing the Dec 21 doomsday. The idiots that follow it are just as much sheeple as you are.

    That being said, economic collapse is mathematically inevitable and I take pleasure in knowing retards like? yourself will starve to death.

  9. phrog46crewmmaf

    Yea, anything to remove the burdens on society and to clean? up the gene pool, before they breed and produce more useless slugs….so, run back down to mommy’s basement and look for the “truth” on the internet about chemtrails, the hidden planet that will hit the earth on Dec 21st and anything else your brain dead pals can dream up.

  10. phrog46crewmmaf

    I like to see the contrails being produced..I wish there were 1000’s more, cause with each passing one, the chemturds stress and blood pressure goes up another 10 points, till they die from a heart attack or stroke. I like it!!!! Keep putting those contrails across the sky, you’re helping clean the gene pool from braindead morons, who serve no purpose? in life, other than stealing oxygen. Also it helps get them out of their parents basement, so their parents don’t have to support them any longer.

  11. momatomic

    Very interesting…I see that these planes are following the mysterious ‘black line’. Perhaps they are not even manned, and this is some sort of guidance. What reason would their flight info be hidden? They don’t have to acknowledge the presence of? something that radar says isn’t there! I have taken many a picture of aircraft that dissolves into invisibility, or the opposite it begins to have glowing fireballs all along the pseudo-body of the jet while it morphs into a non recognizable craft.

  12. fubecabr

    Two planes at altitude may have a similar course and appear to be close to each other from the ground, but may be a couple thousand vertical feet (or more)? apart from each other.

  13. lookingupnow2012

    It looks like? there has been spraying going on before these jets were filmed…check out the chemclouds. They spray all the time in Wilmington, NC and north of Wilmington, as well.
    It seems to be getting worse.

  14. NonstopLyrics

    If im not mistaken, the one on the right looks kinda foggy like a rainbow. The rainbow one is the real silver iodide. The white one is the real toxin. silver iodide reacts to sun and reflects lots of the rays,? creating colors. The white ones does nothing but poisions everyone

  15. lababalo

    The aggression in these people calling each other lunatics and trying to defend something so indefensible is sickening. All these wanna be make shift scientists trying to explain away the magic show? going on above our heads. The reason is bigger then all of us.

  16. lababalo

    This has nothing to do with loving the? government, this has to do with people who were hired to attack the exposure of something much greater. The planes are obviously military their flight patterns are not consistent with commercial jets. Military Jets on the other hand can get away with odd flight patterns. The streams of dust that are sprayed can be seen stopping and restarting just like a pilot turning on a switch and turning it back off, not consistent with contrails.

  17. TheChemicalSky

    Looks like some ppl love? their governments here ?! After observing this phenomena for a couple of years, there is no way talking about persistant Contrails. All that manipulations everywhere :( Check out my uploads and the playlist collection. Greetz


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