Chemtrail Plant Hungary burst deadly toxic chemical burns.

25 thoughts on “Chemtrail Plant Hungary burst deadly toxic chemical burns.

  1. waterchildtera

    aluminum = silver to Grey and it is what burned
    barium = silver to white and burns good too
    strontium = red color burns red
    yum poison chemical trails
    are a crime to this planet !

  2. DoubleHeIix

    Mr believersunderground, I really think you should go and see a psychiatrist as soon as possible.

  3. Silberhorter

    great one man! we have the power! they wnat to steal us but they wont succeed as far as I am converned!

  4. zeropm1

    @mythoughtsalone it only is necessary that someone reports your comment as spam. That´s it! Not fair at all! Post again…

  5. zeropm1

    Scott i must thank you. I know you are realy a nice guy. Wish there was more of you around, but there isn´t. I´m sick and tired of this world.

    Right now i feel powerless to fight. I don´t know if there is a way out of this mess.

    Again, thanks, your heart is BIG!

  6. mythoughtsalone

    one of my comments got flagged as spam!!
    What the hell does it mean by spam, it was a fair comment.
    Does that mean someone can read it, and disagree, and call it spam?
    Its my own thoughts you do not have to believe me, you make up your own mind.
    I thought spam was trying to sell something- perhaps someone will explain?

  7. mythoughtsalone

    @RachelBartlett I have read the protocols, and agree with you, Some people think its about hating Jews, it could not be further from the truth, These Jews who wrote the book are Zionists, not ordinary Jews and if it was a hoax,(as some proclaim) then why is it, that everything that is happening now, is in that book, word for word. And written, many years ago. A chilling book

  8. mythoughtsalone

    @crackerwv – Everything you have written is true, I did research on Mansanto, and everything it has produced is bad, really evil stuff.
    When the product starts to get noticed, by bad press, they simply dump that part of the company by selling it on.It is also Jewish Owned.
    Google Mansanto time line.

  9. mythoughtsalone

    @AgothInnCloth- I think they want to get rid of the masses anyway they can, poison the food chain, in the air, in the water, spray us with chemicals to damage the immune system, loose your memory, dumb us down, inject the vaccines full of toxic chemicals, fill as with pills, drugs etc They have a huge seed bank in Switzerland funded by Bill Gates, they have underground bases to go in when things get far worse, they will create another world war, if they have to, to complete the agenda

  10. mythoughtsalone

    Yes I agree, when I read what was in the toxic sludge, I thought straight away it was to do with the chemtrails because of the what was in it.
    Also when they spray at night, the sky turns that the sky is streaked with a red colour and its not the sun setting, often it is nowhere near the sunsets. You can also spot this early in the morning before the sun is up, but rising. They have to be making this stuff somewhere…

  11. 4eyes2sea

    It’s a mf’in battle Scott.. this is horrible to watch, but the hell that this shit is putting people through is absolutely inhumane. Nice piece to the hugeHUGE puzzle. Thanks4posting. LoveCare ~*~

  12. Sean420d1

    I notice the chemtrails as well a lot. Most of the time they will spray in an X formation why?…don’t know my guess is so they can mark off certain areas that they have sprayed and they keep track via satellite, They look at us like a big chart and just X us off…

  13. medini2

    @crackerwv i doubt we can stop the food safety bill sr510, again.
    god help us. very distressing. i was touched when morningmayan had a petition to sign re: to stop moving radioactive wastes via barge across the great lakes. it would be great if everyone who makes vids on yt would stop & do a vid on this impt. subject w/ a petition at the bottom. monsanto already has gm coconut/papaya trees that are barium resistant. ha! shield of ra my ass.

  14. icke11234

    They’re probably playing a planet-hopping game. Learning about new, more efficient ways of completeling toasting planets with each new one they populate.

  15. RachelBartlett

    @AgothInnCloth If they want to have it for themselves, they must get rid of people. That is not easy, especially when people are sick of war and refuse to kill each other off. Think of it that way, how would you do that, get rid of 6 billion people?

    Actually, most of the answers are in the protocols.


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