15 thoughts on “chemtrail poisoning us LAS VEGAS 05-09

  1. otrdriverplatinum

    Actually i know of at least 2 lab tests on the chemtrails, 1 was done on behalf of UNSOLVED MYSTERIES and another done on behalf of a local southwestern Arkansas tv news station

  2. kropking

    @dirtmanad Exactly. These come in bunches and then they’ll disappear for weeks. As if the airports just shut down for a while… heh… happens where I live too. Chemtrails every single day for a while, then suddenly none for a week or two… with the same weather all the way throughout! I live in the desert too, not very far from you.

  3. stars15k

    Because the last three months have been the season called “summer”, where the entire climate of the northern hemisphere receives more solar energy than any other time during the year. While ground level weather doesn’t play a part in the formations of contrails, a season change occurs globally, which can. You do believe in the seasons, don’t you?
    The planes are still there, you just don’t notice them without the visible clue of an exhaust plume.

  4. stars15k

    I fail to see where religion has ever been impacted by contrails, except for the tribes in the South Pacific who supposedly prayed to cargo planes (and yes, I know this has been debunked). You have planes over Tuscany. There are planes over Las Vegas. Ground level humidity has nothing to do with the formation of contrails, except in polar conditions where contrails can form even at ground level.
    I use neither TV nor YT for my basis of science. I use real science, not alchemy.

  5. dirtmanad

    why dont you tell me why i have not been able to film any of these latley there have not been any chemical testing in the last 3 months if our airport is so busy where have all the planes gone stupid

  6. musicaybebes

    what is your religion? do you have a credible test for your beliefs? i live on a mountain top in rural tuscany. i lived in las vegas for many years. i see the same pattern of chemtrail over my house in this remote area. i do not have a religion. my head is clear to think. it is poisoning. like the food you eat. or it is not poisoned? Las Vegas is NOT humid. don’t feel bad if i dissagree with you. look at your family’s beliefs, not mine. be the one to think for yourself. turn off the tv. be bold

  7. dirtmanad

    i can see the planes coming from north cal they all land at mccarin airport the ones that poison us all go from horizon to horizon in less than 2 minutes thats not normal for a passanger jet you are stupid and nieve to think we are not guinne pigs

  8. stars15k

    The truth is that no credible tests have ever shown anything but exhaust in any contrail. And planes fly in different directions. Duh? Some come from the east-west, some from the north-south, so their paths will cross. No one is spraying anything and you’re not a target. Las Vegas has a busy airport, you will see more planes. All the people, golf courses, fountains, lawns, swimming pools in Las Vegas has created a microclimate more humid, so you’ll see trails last.

  9. barubba


    where are you from?? same shit all over europe and US. aerosol operations are GLOBAL




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