Chemtrail Proof BBC TV weather modification

Great footage grabbed by Nuggets of Truths! Please re-upload and link back to Nuggets Channel, Shows cloud seeding of Aluminium Iadates with resonably small aircraft, BBC acredited report, its been declasified and even today I have this guy telling me not to frighten people? ive had my immune system shot to bits by dangerous levels of toxins in the Air reported by environ experts, All my own video and stills of chemtrials over my head and town, masses of scientific data piled up an still people think its nothing, well i say to them , ok go back to sleep and watch American Gladiator or something cos i havnt got time for you now, no more Mr Nice guy.

25 thoughts on “Chemtrail Proof BBC TV weather modification

  1. Keys879

    I’m all for theories of conspiracy and plottings, I can see aliens and possibly flouride, i definitely believe the 9/11 stuff.. but one question keeps coming to mind in regard to chemtrails. Why would someone poison the very atmosphere they breathe? We all share the same parcel of air covering the Earth. If they’re ‘attempting to poison the population’ then they’re poisoning themselves, too.

  2. InfernoFuture

    The self-defence is orgonite devices. (chembusters/cloudbusters, towerbusters) Although hardly believable at first – of course you can be sceptic – but it works. Spread the word. Google ethericwarriors, educateyourself, orgonite…
    The orgonite movement is getting into thousands, but need much more support!

  3. 94bmxboi

    And there you have it !!! proof at last Weather modification at its finest !!! Geo Engineering !!!! Its the end of the world as we know it !!


    @brightonchemtrails Shit yeh its for real.Take your colostrum too.Also seems to be a method to create a new ice age so they can control the fuel ie petrol and also control food and clean drinking water.thus depopulating a large chunk of society via starvation,thirst and cold!

  5. xxstarchildxx

    @Evulmeh nope, normal contrails fade away within minutes, chemtrails stay around for hours then disperse and form clouds…

  6. RelyOnYourselfTV

    For anyone interested I’ve started a new channel with information on how to be more self reliant – Op NuggetsOfTruths

  7. txlindia

    @88arau “How can you not believe in “chemtrails” after watching this clip?”

    IN CONCLUSION, at exactly what point in this clip about cloud seeding do you see anything that makes your delusion mind misunderstand it and lead you to believe in “chemtrails”

  8. txlindia

    @88arau”How can you not believe in “chemtrails” after watching this clip?”

    So let me get this straight, you watch a clip on cloud seeding and see “proof of chemtrails” ? is that what you are saying ?

    “what about the chemtrails themselves”

    Yes “what about chemtrails”? define “chemtrails”? Do you think that just because you call it a “chemtrail” it has chemicals added to it ? Why do you think they are not condensation trails from the combustion of fuel ?
    Tell what you believe and why

  9. 88arau

    @txlindia: How can you not believe in “chemtrails” after watching this clip? Im not saying you have to believe in the whole eugenics/illuminati conspiracy but what about the chemtrails themselves, for whatever purpose they are for?

  10. carpenter0909

    China has had it longest and worst drought in 30 years … look like the science, has a payback factor.

  11. longliveafter2012

    yes…….. the boys are working in bacchus marsh this week…check my videos “bacchus marsh weather modification.

  12. essy111

    You can get rid of chemtrails by using something called an organite generator please do research on how to make one

  13. 274pk

    evreybody check this movie…

    if you still don’t believe chemtrails after this video you’re idiot (ITA/ENG)





  15. rufncerious

    I so agree with you. I love these F’N CHEMTARDS – they spout this rhetoric with absolutely no proof. Problem is you just can’t? argue with STUPID!!!

  16. txlindia

    BTW earth to brighton .. earth to brighton .. just because you call a PIPER CHEYENNE a “Cessna” that does not in fact make a Cheyenne a Cessna

    Just like when you call a condensation trail a “chemtrail” … that does not in fact make a contrail a “chemtrail” …

    all it really does is show how your misunderstandings / delusions and lack of knowledge has overpowered any ability to think critically .. if you were ever able to


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