Chemtrail Protest May 15

Arron and Sonia went out on a day of heavy spraying and did their best to wake a few people up.

25 thoughts on “Chemtrail Protest May 15

  1. mundomudado2010

    GREAT!!! u are doing an Jesus/God job… niceeeee!!!!! continueeee!!!!
    Greetings from Brazil. (here they poison us too)

  2. sanluisskywatch

    Great job- people are FED UP!!!!

    It’s building- time to start going to news stations and demanding they air the truth.

  3. omj170

    @thetruthergirls Beautiful lady. People want no more problems in their life. Stop forcing this information down on them. It is what it is. Some get it and some don’t. And those who don’t will ask out of complete ignorance why s*** is happening to them. Keep up the good work but stay safe. Later babe!

  4. rexineffex

    man… how long were you guys out there?? That sky was a pretty blue when you first got on the street and at the end…….it really was a huge haze everywhere!

  5. GregOrca

    “Arron in a? suit!!! lmao I’d love to see that.”

    Yes a Straight-jacket would be the most appropriate kind.
    Highly appropriate for you too Sonya.
    Oh, by the way the trails are all so terribly recent do you think?

  6. lilstripaRabbit20884

    @rexineffex I don’t listen to people because of what they wear or who they are. I listen to what people say. and the majority of people do that. Maybe you or your friends don’t but that just shows your lack of character.

  7. RoninHawk

    @BackInsight – And for those who believe in this bullshit. Go to an airport and see the planes up close. go to a junior college and take some classes relevent to this. Go sit down with a meteorologist, and ask him how the atmosphere works. And if you believe these people are also government disinfo agents, then go put your head in a toilet, and flush it.


    they give them the resources and technology deiesen planet so transform how they do it. It is reasonably unpopular GM food or climate change or the eradication. stand up and fight against these bastards, but are also on the hat, because they are very powerful and you can not see. God bless you.


    only once cordial thanks for your commitment to awaken humanity times. as you have realized themselves, who are least interested in such topics. The problem might be that they have to do with themselves or just not interested. so it is important that people raise this with them and explain what they do to us criminals. I say this crime because they are trying to decimate humanity for their powerful live out. they do so with their allies, which they take to the 50s in roswell.

  10. rogerhyde21

    rogerhyde21 We get the same problems in the UK. PLEASE find me on fb as we have a lot in common when it comes to the NWO and chems.
    Great video, you guys ROCK!!!
    Love and peace,
    P.S FB name is just Roger Hyde.:)

  11. BackInsight

    To the jerks that think this is normal. Go to your city council and ask for the Environmental Impact Statement the would permit jets to crap up our skies.

  12. P3tr4W45H3r3

    I have to admit. Ive seen that rainbow here and I had NO IDEA that it was due to chemtrails. We were totally trippin about it.

  13. goscott4

    Then, a Mighty Angel picked up a boulder shaped like a huge Mill Stone, and threw it into the

    Atlantic Ocean,

    and cried mightily with a loud voice saying!!

    Just as I have thrown away this stone, the great city of Babylon will be thrown down with violence , and shall never be found again!!!

    The Book Of Revelation, Chapter 18 verse 21


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