Chemtrail Protests and Geoengineering

Sonia and LIna make an attempt to protest in public, but it doesn’t go so well. They also discover the conclusive proof that a weather modification program is underway. “Policy Implications of Greenhouse Warming: Mitigation, Adaptation, and the Science Base – Panel on Policy Implications of Greenhouse Warming, sponsored by the National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, and the Institute of Medicine. The results were presented in 1992 and published in book form in 2000 by the National Academy Press. This 994 page study is the textbook on greenhouse gasses, global warming, policy decisions and mitigation’s (corrective measures). Included within is the hard science many chemtrails researchers have been searching for: the scientists, agencies, institutions and corporations involved, cost factors, chemical formula, mathematical modeling, delivery methods, policies, recruiting of foreign governments, acquisition of materials, and the manufacturing of aerosol compounds, ect.” Excerpts, summary and table of contents: Category: Science & Technology

25 thoughts on “Chemtrail Protests and Geoengineering

  1. ipreferFireFox

    You need to be fitted for an N-95 respirator (please google it) at your earliest convinience!! Your mask isn’t fitting snuggly around your nose! But, since you drank that coffee at the coffee shop, the bugs are already inside of you. They are designed to spread through the food-chain. If that cow drank water (which She did, She would be infected…and the infection is passd through her milk into Your body. You need to start irradiating all your food.

  2. mtzlypk

    good work,chemtrails are real, the government has experimented on its on people all our lives germs, radiation, and hard telling what we dont decieve yourselves if you think this government has your best interst at heart..they have no heart!i just saw article that they would like to put lithium in our drinking water,,dumbing society down even more than they are!they are smart give the folks entertainment , games,keep us occupied while they do their dirty work..hell we cant tax the rich

  3. noonesflower

    You guys are so great. I’m here waiting to find out if my nausea this week is a welcome pregnancy or just the other day’s spraying and this totally cheered me up

  4. Shaprika

    So we’re going to die anyway, but here you go bitching about it? Funny.

    Dramatic camera angles are dramatic.

    Make a better car or become a scientist yourself so that you can, “bust ’em from the inside” if you’re so damn concerned about this.

  5. HigherWaysWoman

    It’s great 2 see couple of Sistahs get 2gether to help educate & bring awareness 2 the ppl~They kno the Anunaki had the same threat of be’g burned up form their sun~They placed gold particles in their sky & saved the planet~of course our illustrious gov’t prefer 2 depopulate & reflect sun rays thru various chemcials~1 Reindeer Rancher was able to bring a junction against any spraying over his land & stock!!~If this Rancher can do this then why can’t we?!!~Thanks for sharing your video w/us!


    Why do you bother attempting to help the human cattle for? Be like me, and try to make some money off of the mass ‘Slow-Kill Lifekill’ genocide!!!!!!!


    I respect everyone who really comes up with a good idea on how to protest or spread the word in public. Best wishes from germany.
    You ladies are amazing! :)
    Thank you for spreading the word

  8. VooDooU22X

    this is about causing a global catastrophie . It states in the Parliament document realesed 18 march 2010.(link) on my chemtrail vids. That one of the risks of geoengineering is that if a VOLCANO were to errupt it may cause something like an ICEAGE …So if they’re cooling the climate WITH this knowlade ! can only mean were being set up for disaster . food shortages .FORCED INOCULATION.

  9. marketwatch101

    a scientist will solve the energy problems, look up Stan Meyers, the man who came up with the first Water Powered Car, got offered a billion dollars to sell his invention, he refused then was poisoned, don’t call me an idiot without looking it up yourself first

  10. manonfireb4u

    CALL TO ARMS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!! how much proof do you need? pull the plugs out of your shot guns,buy a lot of slug shells!!!! and wait! be ready! they have been preparing for years. they are planning on getting us when we least expect it!!!!!!!

  11. AJK847

    @woodensoapbox…. It’s called a dipping jetstream combined with cold arctic air from the north that sometimes goes farther south then normal. This happens in a lot of places all over the world.

  12. southphillypropane2

    The self importance is flowing. People typing “freedom” like a difference is being made. If these protesting rich children with a cause would have spent thier parents money on college, maybe they could have actually come up with realistic soloutions to the worlds problems. But like most professional activists, all complain, no logic. A scientist will eventually solve the energy problems, not a mindless street laying neo-hippie activist who throws rocks at windows thinking theyre helping. Die.

  13. woddensoapbox

    quiet protesting!!!

    ATTA girl!!!!!!

    49 states out of 50 had snow in the month of Feb 21010. they are messing up the weather!!!!! since when does florida have snow???????????? since they started spraying us is when…….

  14. AJK847

    LOL seriously truther girl you seem like a sweet lady with a good heart, but in time your going to laugh really hard at yourself especially at the look back at this video and especially at the 1:08 mark my golly did I laugh at that one, damn that was good stuff. You know who came up with the chemtrail theory BIG PHARMA…… try not to waste that timmys eh! take care Aaron


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