CHEMTRAIL RALLY ENGLAND UPDATE 8. adam, lorenzo, ricki, chris

filmed on June 30th 2011. Many thanks to the guys for all your help. Absolutely top men. CHEMTRAIL RALLY 9th JULY 2011 NEAR DUXFORD, CAMBRIDGESHIRE, ENGLAND FROM 11AM. The exact location will be revealed nearer the time. Suffice to say there is an international air show at Duxford on the same day. You are not expected to attend the air show. It is £16.50 entrance anyway. The objective is to raise awareness of the general public. This is a peaceful event though make as much noise as you can to drown out the spits and hurricanes. See my main youtube page for regular updates in the run up to the rally which on the day, under common law, will be regarded as a celebration. Don’t need a license for a celebration see. Don’t need one anyway under a tyranny. *O)

6 thoughts on “CHEMTRAIL RALLY ENGLAND UPDATE 8. adam, lorenzo, ricki, chris

  1. wanker391

    Chemtrails,no planes,being sprayed by orbs,check out the evidence on yt,it speaks 4 itself. You must have noticed!


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