16 thoughts on “Chemtrail Rant

  1. princebuster93

    GREAT VIDEO…..This is Agenda 21 kill the population with poison, block out the sun, crop failure……this is pure evil….we are printing leaflets here in UK and informing the public. Stay safe my friend. This is a war on Good v Evil. You are seeing it for a reason. This is time for the good people of planet earth to step up…..and stand up against this evil plan?

  2. caseyjholmes

    I with you guys I got a video or two? on my page also.
    They are spraying something. Not normal for sure.

  3. Nikki Fairchild

    I have headaches from hell after they spay this crap! When I lived in St. Louis 10 years ago, I very rarely had a headache. I how have headaches at least 4 times a month if not more, and I line in? the OC.

  4. 813ccoffman

    @ottbluver what u see from the wings when u are? in a plane is caused by g forces .. Sean is onto it .. Chemtrails are Real as are trolls like u

  5. Iesu2012

    You’re right. I drive a truck everyday? 150+ miles and watch these planes dumping their loads of chemtrails 3 or more planes at once criss crossing and looping back and forth. These aren’t normal flight patterns. No one ever notices them unless I point them out. Then they look at me like I’m crazy when I tell them about chemtrails. It’s very frustrating.

  6. ChemtrailsRbad4U

    No its not normal, its pure filth. Whats? going on is NWO which is being driven by the Freemasons and the Bilderbergs. All they want left is enough people to harvest the field, the rest of us are waste. I’m sick of feeling low on energy, get up and go a few hours and you want to lie down again, its not right.

  7. jiggle17

    You nailed it with this rant. Everything you said with I fully agree with. Ive been slowly but surely getting people to notice it no matter how much the refute it? at first.

  8. TheSpitmitt

    Would you mind writing to me at et2nite@aol.com. My name is John. I am feeling like you do.? I have been passing out flyers and trying to get people to look to the sky and question. I am really terriflied of what we are in for. Thanks Sean

  9. TheSpitmitt

    You made a great observation my friend and I understand your frustration. I go through it everyday. I tried making a video like yours where I could keep my cool but I couldnt. Please see my version of this by looking at Chemtrail Narrator Loses it (adult) on youtube. Its actually on ? this page. Thanks for posting this. I will send your video to all.

  10. violashutters

    my health is not what it use to be. I am sick all the time. They spray us for weeks and weeks in San Francisco… the haze? falls onto out city. the visibility is dim.

  11. ottbluver

    Have ANY of you chem trail morons EVER been on a plane!?????!!???? If you sit on? the wing you can SEE the air as it colours over the wing, I have done so MAMY TIMES! I have ven seen the air colour itself red and blue. This has NOTHING to do with chemicals! It is relatd to turbulance! Stop being idiots looking for conspiracy in EVERYTHING!!!!!A


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