CHEMTRAIL REPORT 12 18 09 SAN JOSE CA (chemtrails)


9 thoughts on “CHEMTRAIL REPORT 12 18 09 SAN JOSE CA (chemtrails)

  1. unlimitedsky2000

    If I had a helicopter with a shoot out emergency seat I’d strap them in and push the little red button!

  2. unlimitedsky2000

    Excellent audio! Maybe the alarmist should shift from wetting their beds about climate change to wetting their besds about chemtrails. Then at least they will be backing a real danger and fighting a real enemy. Why the fuss about Cimate change when they are fucking up our skies, planet and everthing that lives on it with these disgusting aerosol crimes. PREGIDISTS!

  3. BIGckEK

    nice work dawg! my audio got cut in the last one so i deleted it and changed it, tried to put The hot gates from 300 the first time lol i h8 copyright!! lol

  4. controlfreakssuckass

    im really getting sick & tired of seeing this almost every day! then they are putting fluoride, LITHIUM & who knows what else in the water! what is wrong with plain old CO2 & H2O? im at the end of my rope!


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