Chemtrail Research Network – AtomicBombClouds, the PrevailingMuck and StringThings – A Case Study…

Of coarse I’m still trying to figure out the many different aspects of this weather radicalization program, so this is what I’ve surmised so far… I got the information about the WHO’s equation of dangerous carcinogens, namely the Sun and plutonium, from Dr Mercola. You can watch the vid here. The time lapses are all mostly 1 hr long condenced to 2 min or so

25 thoughts on “Chemtrail Research Network – AtomicBombClouds, the PrevailingMuck and StringThings – A Case Study…

  1. freddiedread

    thanks for sharing this video, i’m in England and above my head RIGHT now are several chemtrails from planes…dozens of unmarked, white planes. CLEAR BLUE skies…the only clouds are from these trails…they form after a while a weepy dripping hazy cloud.. some of them show oil-like rainbow colours..
    I keep taking foto’s…my old man says i’m conspiracy theorising again…I dont understand how people can be in such denial. it’s right above our heads. its shocking..

  2. bhstwo

    Hey whats up! I loved your channel!
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  3. bhstwo

    Hey whats up! I loved your channel!
    Its cool. Check out mine! Stay in touch. Hope you got my friend request! Maybe you can sub

  4. galegregory97comcast

    what a muck is all man made and did you see the muck on your car some kind of oil or something look at what wizardangel is saying this is bag its all igot to say if i hade it my WAY THY WILL BE COMEING DOWN

  5. steeps24

    There is hardly any clear, crisp blue skies anymore. Just prevailing muck. Like polished tinfoil. Awesome video. Thanks mate.

  6. kindbluey

    Great Video……….Chemtrails are very real……..Corrupting Governments would do anything to kull us off slowly (depopulate)………New World Order…………

  7. nrgstream

    Help heal the planet, google ‘orgonite’. It’s a simple compound anyone can create in their backyard with fairly inexpensive, widely-available materials which balances ambient energy by turning the negative energy into positive energy, with many easily-confirmed effects. Orgonite does this continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without electricity.

  8. thomasbhunter68

    Believers in this crap are absolutely nuts. Tin foil hats for everyone! You guys think every contrail is a government conspiracy.

  9. wizardangel

    I noticed this Stringthing effects 3 years ago..I hit the weather stats and will find a pressure change and humidity drop when stringthing starts ..I notice plants with broad leaves wilt rapidly ..some veggies even seem to lose green beans ,squash shrinkage .. I find my litter bottels for rabbits sucked dry only on string days or NIGHTS when normaly I only see a third water gone with chemtrail free skies ..great post !!

  10. thetruthergirls

    That was really great footage, especially starting at 8:20. You can really see the cloud appear out of nowhere. No planes, even. Wtf?

  11. ihatechemtrails

    I ‘ve come to the conclusion that People are TOTAL RETARTS, No one looks up anymore except for a few of us. Then I try to talk to my friends about it and they look at me like I’m Crazy and there’re the sane ones. I’m worried about you bro, they say.I’m starting to fuckin hate everybody that’s not awake! There’re mind control is definitely working very well I must say. FUCK THE SHEEPLE!
    it’s a catch 22 cause we need to wake them to make a difference but they desperately want to stay in la la land

  12. 91177info

    Great video.

    “Move along cloud nothing to seed here”

    They are definitely drying the atmosphere in what they are doing. The leaves on our trees are brown and withered and it is not even autumn yet. Hardly any apples as well.

  13. tresiffror

    In my sky its all wether in one.
    New forms everyday.
    Can have diffrent filter on cameras too, can maby see much more then..

  14. tresiffror

    energy come in wawes and wawes are not only energy its information too. And that info makes things like…what ever its not makes of us only must have carbon taxes on stars….Stars must pay taxes becouse the produce carbon wen pases ouer air that part of it who is 78 % (kväve we say).
    I saw to day black wall coming. Its new forms of sky everyday and frankly I feel its only me seen it…I think Im treated like Im insane…
    I not get it maby Im insane . I look on sky everyday allways new sky..

  15. BarbarianRebellion

    He he, no that one was purely my wife’s creation. If you want to check out my stuff, go to… AmericaFell on YT.

  16. stackrat10

    Great time lapse video, was the song that was going on in your head the REVOLUTION song? By the way thats a great song, ya’ll did a hell of a job. Keep up the great work.

  17. BarbarianRebellion

    Check out this vid: Chemtrail Research Network – Montreal August 3rd 2009 – Rain Maker

    It shows the poster for the new movie District 9

    They are constructing domes over our heads hiding the grid that they will unveil, soon…

    Think of it as a curtain getting ready to open for the next show…

  18. Betruetothelight

    Because the NWO knows that the GF is here to create awareness and the mean ones are trying to keep the masses asleap as long as possible.They don’t want for us to see what is going on with telescopes either.

  19. Betruetothelight

    Guys,I think that in between all kind of poisons they are spreaying, the reason for covering the skies is to block our view so we cannot see the moves of huge space kraft of the good extraterrestrials.


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